10 AI Startups in the APAC Region to Follow 10 AI Startups in the APAC Region to Follow
The APAC region is fast becoming both a center for advanced computing and AI. Companies coming out of Japan, India, Singapore... 10 AI Startups in the APAC Region to Follow

The APAC region is fast becoming both a center for advanced computing and AI. Companies coming out of Japan, India, Singapore South Korea, Taiwan, and others have created a regional innovation hub propelling AI forward to unimaginable heights. Each has the potential to completely change the landscape of not only AI but the countless industries that will be affected by the technology. 

So let’s take a look at a few startups from the APAC region that you’ll want to keep an eye on.


Making it to Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion list, Kellont is a full-service IT solutions provider whose eyes aren’t limited to the APAC region. With a growing global presence, Kellton has utilized both organic growth and strategic acquisitions and now has footprints in Europe, the United States, and nations within Asia. Working with over 200 companies across the globe, Kellont’s solutions have tapped into multiple industries. These include energy & utilities, banking & financial services, education, insurance, chemicals, non-profits, and healthcare to name a few. 

Last month, Kellton was featured in the 2023 edition of the ISG Provider Lends SAP Ecosystem Reporter, under the Midmarket segment as a product challenger. This not only acknowledges the company’s capability in the SAP domain but showcases the firm’s ability to deliver client-tailored solutions.


As AI and software continue to grow at a rapid scale, solutions that focus on a “no-code” approach will grow in demand. This is where E42 operates. This firm is a leader in AI and NLP-powered no-code solutions that help build AI co-workers that help “automate complex people- and process-centric processes across functions.” This push for what they call “AI co-workers” allow companies to automate complex business processes that would normally keep their human employees focused. With E42’s AI co-workers, these employees are able to focus on more high-value tasks that require human expertise and creativity. 


NeenOpal is on a mission to create intelligent models that have human thinking in mind and help to promote data-driven decision-making for their clients. Overall, their service aims to help bridge the gap that can form between pure analytical data and day-to-day business management, assisting teams to find new ways to better utilize their data and optimize overall workflows. This is why NeenOpal is shaking up the APAC region as it has fast become a force within the global management consulting ecosystem with its role in assisting organizations to unlock value from their data.


The last mile or stage in the customer journey can be the nail-biter for many organizations. There are a lot of variables and unknown conditions that may keep the customer from taking that last step, and this is where Simpragma comes in. They are a startup that specializes in providing solutions and services for intelligent automation of contact centers, cloud engineering, and experience engineering at the final step of the customer journey. This is done using their “3D” approach: DevOps, design, and digital transformation. Each works in tandem to provide companies with that critical edge in their marketing plans. 

Lil Projects

Lil Projects provides businesses with a set of services aimed at using data science, automation, and AI to empower companies to optimize their campaigns and generate returns. Located in Telangana India, this startup works with its clients and identifies ways that data science and AI can improve their overall online presence. They don’t just focus on one aspect of a business, Lil Projects brings with it a full suite that can target specific pain points that for some organizations can be crippling. These include digital marketing, ai, mobile apps, and web technologies.


Established in 2014, I’mCloud has worked to raise capital and become the 4th leading company in AI and big data in South Korea. Part of their offers are high-quality AI-powered chatbots they construct for their clients. These include call center chatbots that focus on customer service, such as museum voice curation chatbot solutions that create an immersive experience for museum-goers through AI. Called Addie, the I’mCloud chatbot works with voice recognition technology that can show off a variety of exhibits to visitors. 

Another approach is the Interactive Educational service. Here, users are able to interact with AI-powered chatbots where they can have both voice and text conversations.


Avaxia is a provider of full-scale SAP service infrastructure and support out of Tokyo, Japan. The company currently is working with over four thousand systems and almost 150 databases with a clientele that is quite diverse, from banking, finance, & insurance, to consumer products and energy. The services provided are also well-rounded as they help a company with their business intelligence and big data needs that can also include infrastructure management, machine learning augmented reality, systems integration, and even customized software solutions. 

Fracta Leap

Water needs are becoming a more and more important issue as populations continue to grow and cities see greater growth. This is where Fracta Leap comes to play. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and IoT-based products, they are working to make water infrastructure more sustainable. To make this happen, Fracta Leap is working on two specific methods. Their construction automation solution builds on high speed and efficiency through automation. Through this, they are looking to create water treatment plants by using algorithms to cutting the period between plant design to construction. 

Secondly, optimization. Fracta Leap’s solutions also focus on how water treatment plants can be better optimized in both operation and maintenance. With the power of human experience and algorithms, they seek to reduce costs, energy usage, and overall environmental impact. 

FS Solution

The problem of traffic-related accidents caused by human error is something that FS Solution believes they can help solve, with the power of AI. By using optical models, imaging systems, pattern recognition, object detection, and other components, South Korea’s FS Solution is hoping to help build a world where a machine can ensure that drivers are able to be safe. And, if there are no other options, even allow the machine to take control of itself if necessary. This union of automation and human controls could become a common reality in the near future. 

AI Technology

AI Technology is one of Japan’s leaders in IT solutions for the construction sector. From database design, to object orientation, and IT security, they work with clients’ systems to help plan and optimize their methods. Part of what makes AI Technology sought after is its ability to help reduce cost bloat associated with operational and management costs. Part of its solutions also includes a systems integrator. This allows a client’s management strategy to be lined with optimal IT-based visualizations to help formulate an execution plan that takes into account everything required.   


As you can see, the APAC region is one breeding innovation thanks to the work of thousands of startups that call it home. But to see where this innovation will go, you have to develop the on-the-ground connections necessary to put your finger on the pulse of APAC, and what better way to do so than by joining us at ODSC APAC? Thousands of fellow data science professionals and leading expats of the APAC region will be there at our virtual conference in August, what about you?

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