10 Data Science Platforms and Tools to Boost Your Career in 2022 10 Data Science Platforms and Tools to Boost Your Career in 2022
Over the past few months, we’ve released a number of articles looking at the top skills in data science-related fields, such... 10 Data Science Platforms and Tools to Boost Your Career in 2022

Over the past few months, we’ve released a number of articles looking at the top skills in data science-related fields, such as NLP, machine learning engineering, and others. As we wrote each one and looked at the data from 25,000 job descriptions, we noticed a number of common data science platforms that each specific job role had in common with one another. As such, here’s our rundown of the top 10 data science platforms that employers are looking for in 2022.


As expected, the most common trend was the languages used by each data science professional. The first two should be no surprise, as Python led each job description by a wide margin, with many descriptions also looking for R users. Scala also saw a decent amount of mentions, largely thanks to its prevalence in big data and usefulness in scaling into large projects.

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Data Engineering

Even when not only looking at data engineering job descriptions, other data science disciplines are expected to know some core skills in data engineering, mostly around workflow pipelines. This includes popular tools like Apache Airflow for scheduling/monitoring workflows, while those working with big data pipelines opt for Apache Spark. Kafka is the only notable streaming platform to make any lists, but it’s the gold standard for real-time analytics and streaming so that makes sense.

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Cloud Platforms

A common theme among all job descriptions in 2022 is something that likely wouldn’t have been as dominant 5 or 10 years ago – cloud processing. The only two to make multiple lists were Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Most major companies are using one of the two, so excelling in one or the other will help any aspiring data scientist. Google Cloud is picking up steam, but is likely not going to reach the market dominance of AWS and Azure any time soon. Saturn Cloud is picking up a lot of momentum lately too thanks to its scalability.

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A few machine learning frameworks appeared on multiple lists. Both PyTorch and TensorFlow/Keras are still the go-to machine learning frameworks for a number of tasks, largely thanks to their ability to be scale and be used for more resource-intensive tasks like deep learning; these two frameworks aren’t limited to just basic ML. Scikit-learn also earns a top spot thanks to its success with predictive analytics and general machine learning. Knowing all three frameworks cover the most ground for aspiring data science professionals, so you cover plenty of ground knowing this group.

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Honorable Mention: Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop framework is an ecosystem in itself, as it’s actually a collection of open-source tools. It allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. This makes it a very attractive platform for general data science and big data.

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