10 Indian AI Startups To Watch in 2021 10 Indian AI Startups To Watch in 2021
Thanks to government initiatives and Silicon Valley moving offices to the area, India is a hotbed for artificial intelligence development, including... 10 Indian AI Startups To Watch in 2021

Thanks to government initiatives and Silicon Valley moving offices to the area, India is a hotbed for artificial intelligence development, including healthcare startups.  It’s an area to watch because the next most exciting artificial intelligence startup will come from here. Let’s take a look at a few Indian AI startups to watch out for.

Myelin Foundry: Managing the Shop Floor

Based in Bengaluru, this deep tech company uses artificial intelligence to process video, voice, and sensor data. The company helps enterprises manage their shop floor through automation, edge AI, and real-time analytics with advanced neural computing.

The startup has participated in Microsoft for Startups, the NVIDIA Inception Program, and the NetApp Excellerator. It recently participated in a $1 million seed round and won a 2020 NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award.

CronAI: 3D Perception Environments

An edge inference platform founded in 2015, CronAI offers intelligent solutions in 3D sensors with use cases in several hot fields: autonomous vehicles, robotics, logistics, and others. The company raised four million in a Series A round. 

Its 3D perception environments help machines learn previously unknown environments on a sensor agnostic framework. It’s adaptive and will enable next-generation automation and perception for smart cities.


AeoLogic: R&D and Testing in AI

Founded in 2015 and boasting several heavy-hitting players on its roster, AeoLogic offers research and development, big data testing, bot development, app development, and RFID solutions. It now has over 100 employees and remains based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 

With applications in IoT, hyper-automation, cybersecurity, and more, the company continues to partner with enterprises to bring cutting-edge solutions to fruition and to scale those solutions successfully.

Skit: Intelligent Conversation for the Enterprise

An AI-first SaaS company based in Bangalore, Skit (formerly Vernacular.ai) has received $5.1 million in Series A funding. The company offers intelligent conversation services, particularly its flagship product VIVA (the Vernacular Intelligent Voice Assistant). With a multilingual platform leveraging natural language understanding and speech recognition, it supports call centers through intelligent automation.

It offers customized solutions for Enterprises and manages to automate up to 80% of call center volume to provide callers with the best service possible across multiple industries.

Wotnot: No-Code Chatbots

Without the frustration of coding, companies looking to integrate chatbots into customer service can build exactly the product they need with Wotnot. The Ahmedabad-based company offers chatbot technology with built-in analytics, multilingual support, and version control.

The company’s products fill a niche with enterprise chatbot solutions, making it easier for them to adopt an omnichannel solution. It integrates with common help desk software, including Zendesk, Shopify, and Zoho.

Ishitva Robotics Systems: Next Generation Recycling

Ahmedabad-based Ishitva Robotics Systems uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for smart recyclables sorting. Algorithms learn to segregate waste and recover more recyclable materials than previous systems, and IoT-enabled smart bins support recycling solutions monitoring.

The solutions leverage machine learning and computer vision, air sorting, and robotics sorting. It’s mainly focused on high-volume plastics sorting and 3000 robot picks per hour. The company belongs to NVIDIA’s Inception Program.

Locus.sh: Logistics Planning and Automation

This Bangalore-based company offers AI solutions in the logistics field. It’s currently up to just under $80 million by Series C and now has hundreds of employees. It provides intelligent automation in logistics planning, allowing enterprises to manage every part of the process.

The suite of products includes a route deviation engine, field user app, scheduling optimization, and a multitude of predictive analytics. It has options for a few different verticals, such as eCommerce, food delivery, and FMCG. 

CropIn: Managing Agribusiness with IoT

A startup in the agribusiness space, CropIn uses artificial intelligence and data to offer critical insights and planning in a traditionally difficult field. It uses remote sensing to monitor vast fields and weather condition monitoring, helping businesses maintain conditions and predict challenges.

CropIn offers a component that supports farms in making predictive decisions by monitoring field conditions, detecting insect infestations, and harvest estimation. It’s working in the field of traceability using blockchain and was recently recognized at the Mercy Corp AgriFin ALE awards for “Building REgional Digital Ecosystems for Farmers.”

Artivatic.AI: Health-as-a-Service

A Bangalore-based insurance startup with an end-to-end AI product, Artivatic is a digital insurance and health-as-a-service platform with smart underwriting, fraud prevention, claim automation, and digital sales. 

It leverages AI, machine learning, and big data to make decisions easier. It’s raised over $1 million in corporate round funding and offers a modular, low-cost platform for the entire lifecycle of operations. 

EDGENeural.ai: AI at the Edge

This Pune-based startup accelerates and optimizes edge AI development. This startup functions as an incubator, helping companies build and deploy their perfect AI solution in a scalable and affordable package.

Its work with AI at the edge allows more companies to adopt these solutions in a range of industry verticals. They aim to make every device fast and intelligent and a plug-and-play framework customized to a company’s individual needs.

India’s contributions to Artificial Intelligence

The country of India is an exciting environment for AI research and development. Startups here have the support of government funds and outside investments while courting the country’s best and brightest. It continues to be a region to watch for cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Are there any Indian AI startups we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

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