10 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You on Ai+ Data Science Training 10 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You on Ai+ Data Science Training
The field of data science is one of the most dynamic on Earth. This is why constantly keeping your skills honed... 10 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You on Ai+ Data Science Training

The field of data science is one of the most dynamic on Earth. This is why constantly keeping your skills honed is critical for any data professional – no matter where in their careers they might be today. Many of the top professionals will integrate training into their normal work week routine. Treating it like another stand-up or report. This is why ODSC provides on-demand training through our Ai+ Training platform. As members of the data community, we understand the need for grounded and relevant data science training that will keep you at the top of your game.

This is why now is the perfect time to have a conversation with your manager, fellow team members, and anyone else who needs to know so that not only can you bring more to the table, but get the entire team the knowledge they need to excel in any data project. So here is a list of reasons to help you build your case for more data science training!

1) AI+ Has Hands-on & On-demand Training:

Unlike other bootcamps or courses, the Ai+ data science training platform provides the user with the flexibility they need so that committing to training is as normal as getting a morning cup of coffee. You don’t need to be chained to a specific spot, if you have your laptop, you have access to training from the world’s leading data professionals. With their guidance and hands-on training, you’ll leave with practical data science skills you can use in the present, not far into the future. It’s also ongoing. No matter your skill level, Ai+ has advanced courses in machine learning and foundational courses to get even the most basic novice started.

2) Learn From The Very Best

The instructors who will be teaching you, are the experts who are paving the way for the future of data science.  Learn about Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2 & PyTorch with Dr. Jon Kron, Chief Data Scientist at Nebula, or get an introduction to NLP and Conversational AI from Chandra Khatir, Chief Scientist and Head of AI Research at Got AI. The courses that you’ll find are all taught by experts who fully understand how to help you develop the skills that you need. With Ai+, you’ll find the course you need to get where you want to go.

3) Completely Virtual

With AI+, we know you need maximum flexibility. This isn’t the early 2000s, and there isn’t a real need for every class or course to be taught in a physical classroom. You know this, and so do we. That’s why every single course is completely virtual. Train at your pace, where you’re comfortable. Don’t worry about rushing to a classroom, or having to find a last-minute spot to phone in. You’re in control of your data journey. 

4) Earn Certifications To Showcase Your Achievements

Even today, certifications are still an important element of any strong C/V. That’s why Ai+ believes in not only helping you develop the actionable skills you need but also the documentation to get your foot in the door. Right now, we have certification for some of the most popular topics and subjects, such as our machine learning certificate, with more to come in the future. Your data journey is our passion. 

5) Keep Up With The Latest Trends & Topics

You know better than anyone else, data science moves at the speed of light. Keeping up with the latest trends and topics is one of the most important aspects of any smooth-running data team. With the courses on Ai+, you’ll stay up to date on some of the most important topics and advancements in data science. These include but aren’t limited to machine learning workflows, machine learning for cybersecurity, explainable AI, recommendation systems, graph networks, unstructured text, self-supervised and semi-supervised learning, and reinforcement learning. Stay ahead of the pack and never get left behind.

6) Live Training

Some prefer the ability to see and participate in live training, and Ai+ is always striving to provide such courses, and we have one right around the corner! Coming up on July 26th, join ODSC Founder Sheamus McGovern in “Data Wrangling with SQL”. SQL is the foundational language for data engineering and now is the perfect time to hone those skills during this live training! More will be announced soon. 

7) Return on Investment

What you put into AI+, you’ll get out in spades. We understand how expensive training can be, especially for larger teams. This is why ODSC worked to create a platform that provides flexibility with the very best in data training. Training that you can apply almost immediately to any project or idea that can help take your team/project to the next level. Businesses run on ROI, and Ai+ works to return your investment with interest. 

8) Valuing Your Time

Time is the most valuable resource. This is why Ai+ gives you the flexibility you need to train at your pace when convenient. Most professionals don’t have the luxury to sit for hours a week to keep their A-game. With Ai+ you’ll be able to take these on-demand courses at the pace that best fits your schedule. As mentioned above, this can become something akin to your morning coffee. But unlike that cup of joe, you’ll reap the benefits of Ai+ for years to come. 

9) Continuous Learning

Stay on top and in the know about the topics that matter to you. Train with Ai+ and you’ll be able to continuously learn about core data science topics including machine learning, NLP, responsible AI, cybersecurity, and more. With access to these resources, it will be easier than ever to stay current with developments in the industry.

10) Content, Content, & More Content

No other platform offers both the breadth and depth of Ai+. We connect the top experts in the field of data science with the students and data professionals who are hungry to learn. Our library of courses isn’t only friendly to all skill levels, but is ever-growing, updating, and changing at breakneck speeds.

Let’s Get You Signed Up Today!

AI+ is where you want to go to excel and accelerate your data science journey. Talk to your team, manager, and anyone who needs to hear, this is where you go to get the best data training. Because we know the return on investment is critical before any decision is made, know that we offer monthly, yearly, and even team discounts. So sign up today, and get the training you need now. Looking to get even more bang for your buck? Register for the Mini-Bootcamp pass for ODSC West 2022 and get access to a year of Ai+ Training in addition to a four-day bootcamp pass! Learn more here.


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