10 Training Sessions You Can’t Miss at ODSC Europe 2021 10 Training Sessions You Can’t Miss at ODSC Europe 2021
Whether you are looking for your first job in data science and AI, or you’re several years into your career, to... 10 Training Sessions You Can’t Miss at ODSC Europe 2021

Whether you are looking for your first job in data science and AI, or you’re several years into your career, to stay at the cutting edge of your field it’s essential to get training in the latest topics, tools, and platforms. At ODSC Europe 2021 Virtual this June 8th-10th, you’ll find hands-on, expert-led training in a diversity of subjects, ranging from NLP to the ethical use of AI. Below you’ll find just a few of ODSC Europe 2021’s confirmed sessions.

Introduction to Data Science

As a combination of different specializations and practices, data science can be a difficult field for newcomers to navigate. In this course, you’ll explore the interdependence between data science and other disciplines and the tools and technology widely used by practitioners. 

Bayesian Data Science Probabilistic Programing

This tutorial will be an introduction to Bayesian data science through probabilistic programming in Python. You’ll explore the key concepts of probability distributions via hacker statistics, hands-on simulation, and telling stories of the data-generation processes, and use real-world examples to investigate the basics of joint and conditional probability, Bayes’ rule, and Bayesian inference.

Responsible Data Science

The last few years have seen an explosion in the number of papers written about responsible data science and AI and tools for promoting ‘fairness’ proposed. This session will provide you with a broad overview of the available tools, as well as discuss your responsibilities as a data scientist. 


PyTorch 101: Building a Model Step by Step

During this session, you’ll learn how PyTorch works, starting with examples in Numpy and progressing to building a complete model in PyTorch by utilizing the framework’s key components. 

Automatic and Explainable Machine Learning with H2O

Now that GDPR is in place, it’s essential that you be able to explain your models. During this session, you’ll learn how to use the H2O platform with Python and R for automatic and explainable machine learning. 

How to Build and Test a Trading Strategy Using ML

Delve into the popular machine learning use cases for the investment industry, with a particular focus on how to best integrate machine learning into the workflow when developing a trading strategy. 

Tutorial on Automated Machine Learning

This tutorial will guide you through the current state-of-the-art in hyperparameter optimization, pipeline construction, and neural architecture search, as well as discuss model-free blackbox optimization methods, Bayesian optimization, and other techniques.

Rule Induction and Reasoning in Knowledge Graphs

During this tutorial, you’ll learn about state-of-the-art rule induction methods, recent advances, research opportunities as well as open challenges affecting the construction of large knowledge graphs.

Teaching Machines to Talk: Modern Speech Synthesis with Deep Learning

In this workshop, you’ll learn about text-to-speech, looking at the development of TSS systems, as well as the challenges that still exist. You’ll also create a custom speech synthesis system from scratch. 

Mastering Gradient Boosting with CatBoost

This workshop will take a comprehensive look at the CatBoost library, focusing on how to use it and all the steps you need to take to build a good predictive model.

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