16 Companies Leading the Way in AI and Data Science 16 Companies Leading the Way in AI and Data Science
We couldn’t be more excited to announce our first group of partners for ODSC East 2023’s AI Expo and Demo Hall.... 16 Companies Leading the Way in AI and Data Science

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our first group of partners for ODSC East 2023’s AI Expo and Demo Hall. These organizations are shaping the future of the AI and data science industries with their innovative products and services. Check them out below. 

Going from Data to Insights


At HPCC Systems® from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions you’ll find “a consistent data-centric programming language, two processing platforms, and a single, complete end-to-end architecture for efficient processing.” These tools are designed to help companies derive insights from big data. 


One of the most experienced AI leaders, SAS delivers AI solutions to enhance human ingenuity. Narrowing the communications gap between humans and machines is one of SAS’s leading projects in their work with NLP. To deliver on their commitment to enhancing human ingenuity, SAS’s ML toolkit focuses on automation and more to provide smarter decision-making. 

S&P Global

Last year, S&P Global Market Intelligence and IHS Markit’s Financial Services department were combined. Utilizing the strengths of each, they now work to help their clients gain insights from their data in a way that propels society toward greater progress. 

Tangent Works

Recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in 2021, Tangent Works’ goal is to help organizations effectively utilize their time-series data for predictive models. With Tangent Works companies are able to solve challenges such as losses resulting from poor forecasting and missed ROI from time-series data. 


Blueprint utilizes its expertise in data management, including analytics, migration, governance, and centralization to enable its clients to get the most from their data. Blueprint’s tools and services allow organizations to quickly obtain decision-guiding insights from your data. 

Improving Operations and Infrastructure


The inspiration for this open-source software for Python developers was the frustration felt by those who were trying, and struggling, to bring AI algorithms to end-users. Taipy brings to bear the experience of veteran data scientists and bridges the gap between data dashboards and full AI applications. 


For Cloudera, it’s all about machine learning optimization. Their CDP machine learning allows teams to collaborate across the full data life cycle with scalable computing resources, tools, and more. 


Qwak’s platform is designed to provide an agile infrastructure that removes the engineering friction from moving machine learning products into production. 

Making Data Observable 


The quality of the data powering your machine learning algorithms should not be a mystery. Bigeye’s data observability platform helps data science teams “measure, improve, and communicate data quality at any scale.”

Graphing Data for Better Insights 



Snowplow was created with the goal of enabling organizations to create behavioral data that they own and are able to utilize for their unique needs. Since its founding, Snowplow has worked with numerous companies, such as Auto Trader, DPG media, Green Building Supply, and more. 


Since its founding in 2012, CARTO has helped hundreds of thousands of users utilize spatial analytics to improve key business functions such as delivery routes, product/store placements, behavioral marketing, and more. 


At Precisely, the team aims to help organizations keep their focus and energy on innovation by helping them ensure the integrity of their data. In particular, Precisely makes sure your data is accurate, consistent, and in context. 


In the time since it was founded in 2013, Plotly has released a variety of products including Plotly.py, which, along with Plotly.r, became one of “the most downloaded interactive graphing libraries in the world.” The company’s newest software, Dash Enterprise, helps organizations to quickly and easily build and scale data applications. 


Neo4j is where the best and brightest go for scalable graphs that are capable of visualizing predictions through both machine and deep learning. Offering an open-source NoSQL graph database, they have also worked with organizations such as eBay, NASA, Lyft, Airbnb, and more.     

Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics software Anzo® is a powerful, scalable knowledge graph platform that helps organizations take siloed data and transform it into knowledge graphs. This process reveals previously hidden insights that can improve decision-making.  

Making Education Work for You

Western Governors University

Motivated by its desire to provide the best possible learning experience to its students, Western Governors University has developed a flexible learning structure that allows students to personalize their studies. Additionally, as an online university, it is able to reach and connect with students for whom an in-person experience did not work. 


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