3 Tools to Safeguard Images From AI Scraping 3 Tools to Safeguard Images From AI Scraping
As our world becomes more digitally integrated, the ability to protect data and images has become an important topic. Individuals around... 3 Tools to Safeguard Images From AI Scraping

As our world becomes more digitally integrated, the ability to protect data and images has become an important topic. Individuals around the world are seeking effective ways to protect their personal data from being harvested and used without consent, especially in the training of Large Language Models. In this blog, we’ll dive into the forefront of data protection, spotlighting three pioneering tools: Nightshade, Glaze, and Fawkes, each offering a unique defense mechanism against the unauthorized use of data.

Nightshade: A New Frontier in Data Protection

Nightshade is an interesting tool that is designed to combat the use of text-based data by generative AI through what is called data poisoning. In short, this method does is it embeds subtle, undetectable alterations in the image. This program also ensures that any data scraped and used for training AI models becomes inaccurate or misleading, thus protecting the original content’s integrity and the privacy of its creators. So what goes in, isn’t exactly what the model uses which provides a good level of protection of personal data.

Glaze: Shielding Images from AI

Developed by researchers from the University of Chicago, Glaze offers a novel approach to protecting personal images online. The way this program works is that it applies a layer of digital “glaze” that, while imperceptible to the human eye, prevents AI models from accurately processing or recognizing the images. Thing of this is like being a version of a two-way mirror. You can see the image, but AI models are blind to the content. This makes Glaze an invaluable tool for anyone looking to shield their photos from being used in AI datasets.

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Fawkes: Digital Camouflage for Personal Photos

Named after the iconic figure Guy Fawkes, this tool employs a technique known as “cloaking” to alter personal photos in a way that they remain recognizable to humans but become undecipherable by facial recognition technologies. It’s a similar concept to Glaze but with its own unique touch. So similarly, the goal of this program is to ensure images scraped from the internet are not used to train models. It’s another method of being invisible to AI while being visible.

Comparative Analysis of Data Protection Tools

Of course, once you’ve read this you may wonder, what’s best for me. Well, that’s the thing, it really depends on your goals, concerns, and resources. But we can break each down a bit more to give you a better idea. So choosing between Nightshade, Glaze, and Fawkes depends on the specific type of data you’re looking to protect. Each tool has its strengths and limitations, making it crucial to understand your privacy needs before selecting the right one.


Digital privacy and data are becoming hot topics in and out of data science. Governments around the world are looking to create robust frameworks aimed at protecting their citizens’ information while balancing the needs of AI innovation. It’s critical to stay ahead of the trends on these topics, and the best way to do so is to learn directly from the people making and using these tools.

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