3 Ways to Engage at ODSC Europe 3 Ways to Engage at ODSC Europe
ODSC Europe this September 5th-6th in London isn’t just another conference. It’s a community event where you can learn from and... 3 Ways to Engage at ODSC Europe

ODSC Europe this September 5th-6th in London isn’t just another conference. It’s a community event where you can learn from and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in AI and data science. Here’s how you can participate:


Become a Speaker

  • Share your knowledge and inspire others as an expert speaker 
  • Teach the next generation of AI and data science practitioners with hands-on workshops on cutting-edge AI topics 
  • Connect with passionate professionals and build lasting partnerships
  • We are looking for speakers to showcase their deep expertise through immersive hands-on workshops and training across several fields, including 

 Machine Learning | AI for Finance | Multimodal and Deep Learning | Generative AI | Large Language Models and NLP | Data Engineering and MLOps

You can find our full instructions on how to submit your application to give a talk, tutorial, workshop, or training session or submit your application here

Become a Partner 

Ready to connect with over 1,500 key decision-makers in AI and data science? Here’s your chance to get your company in the spotlight and make a big impact!

  • Thought Leadership: Take center stage and shine! Showcase your expertise through inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, or captivating solution showcase talks. Our audience is eager to learn from the best as they explore build vs. buy strategies
  • Lead Generation: Connect 1-1 with decision-makers across diverse industries like finance, healthcare, and software development. Build relationships and open up new business opportunities and partnerships
  • Brand Awareness: Get your brand buzzing with promotion from pre-event to post-event across all our channels. Let’s make sure your brand is the one everyone’s talking about
  • Digital Marketing: Amplify your reach to our vast community of 250,000+ through dynamic digital marketing channels. Think webinars, white papers, blogs, and more—let’s spread your message far and wide

You can learn more about our partnership opportunities by downloading the brochure or scheduling a call to chat with us here.

Attend the sessions & workshops

Of course, you can simply attend ODSC Europe and enjoy everything there is to offer! While we still have plenty of sessions left to announce, here are a few confirmed ones:

  • Reinforcement Learning for Finance
  • The Science of Data Storytelling
  • Machine Learning in Processing Genomic Sequence Information (XGBoost/R)
  • How to Make LLMs Fit into Commodity Hardware Again: A Practical Guide
  • Data Morph: A Cautionary Tale of Summary Statistics
  • LLM Application from Inception to Production
  • Causal AI: from Data to Action
  • Generative AI: The Supply Chain Alchemist, Turning Data into Superhuman Business Insights
  • Introduction to ML with Python
  • Fine-Tuning LLMs 101
  • Decoding LLMs: Evaluation is all you need!
  • Multi-agent systems in the era of LLMs: Progress and Prospects
  • Building Reliable Voice Agents with Open Source Tools
  • Designing AI Architectures with Domain-Driven Design: A Use Case-Centric Approach
  • How to run scalable, fault-tolerant RAG with a vector database
  • Optimising GenAI Outcomes in Financial Services with DSPy
  • Bringing AI Strategy to Life
  • AI Development Lifecycle: Learnings of What Changed with LLMs
  • Develop LLM Powered Applications with LangChain and LangGraph
  • Financial Data Engineering: Challenges and Practices
  • Reproducibility FTW: Collaboratively Solve a hard LLM problem, live!
  • Going From unstructured data to vector similarity search
  • Forecasting with Sktime – Introduction and Advanced Features: Pipelines, Hierarchical and Probabilistic Forecasts, Deep Learning and Foundation Models
  • Advancements in NLP: The Role of Automated Prompt Engineering
  • Simulating Human Behaviour in Financial Contexts: Leveraging AI and Agent-Based Models
  • A Practical Introduction to Data Visualization for Data Scientists
  • Graph Engineering: Accelerating AI/ML Product Development at Mastercard
  • MLOps in Real-Time Bidding
  • Vector search without breaking the bank: Quantization and Adaptive Retrieval
  • Building RAG Applications with Databricks: End-to-End Implementation

You can register here while tickets are the cheapest that they’re gonna get.

Participate at ODSC

No matter your role, any member of the ODSC Community is encouraged to take this chance to:

  • Share your expertise and inspire others during Lightning Talks
  • Connect with passionate AI and data science professionals during Networking+ Events
  • Become a thought leader in the industry.

We hope to see you there!



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