4 Major AI Updates from Google I/O 2024 4 Major AI Updates from Google I/O 2024
Google I/O 2024 was packed with groundbreaking AI announcements. It’s clear that Google is hoping to build up excitement while also... 4 Major AI Updates from Google I/O 2024

Google I/O 2024 was packed with groundbreaking AI announcements. It’s clear that Google is hoping to build up excitement while also showcasing how it is capable of pushing the boundaries of AI-related technology. For data scientists and data-related professionals, these developments offer new tools and opportunities to enhance their work. Here are a few standout AI-related developments that came out of the recent Google I/O 2024 event.

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Google Gemini in Chrome

First up is Google’s Gemini and updates on this model. As we know, Gemini is one of Google’s most powerful large language models. According to the company, Gemini 1.5 Pro is now available globally for developers. But there’s something for the desktop user as, the company is bringing its smallest product, Gemini Nano, to the Chrome desktop client. According to I/O announcements, Gemini Nano is designed for local use and of course will have the ability to work on a range of tasks, such as summarization and ‘help me write’ functionality. 

Google is working with other browser vendors for Gemini Nano compatibility, so for now, it will be solely a Chrome feature.

AI-Powered Search Experience

One of the most anticipated announcements was the overhaul of Google’s search engine, now incorporating more robust AI features. The new AI-powered search experience leverages machine learning to provide more accurate and contextually relevant results. For data scientists, this means better tools for research and information retrieval. The AI enhancements in search are designed to understand user intent more accurately, which is crucial for developing data-driven insights and making informed decisions.

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Android Upgrades/Updates

For Android users, Google also announced some interesting updates, and of course, Gemini Nano will be part of it. Much like what some assume will come with Apple announcements in the coming months, Android will see a greater integration of AI capabilities. Some of these include Project Astra, a visual chatbot, new search functions, and other quality-of-life improvements that specifically look to improve overall user experience. 

Updates to Google Workspace

In the business world, there are two giants in the workspace ecosystem, Outlook and Google Workspace. As part of the Google I/O AI updates, Workspace users can expect another wave of updates to services such as Google Docs, Slides, Drive, and even Sheets. For those who use Sheets often like myself, I hope that these upgrades really do well. Right now, the features being touted have little detail but like Andriod and Chrome, these updates will be powered by their LLM Gemini. 

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Google I/O 2024 was Google’s opportunity to showcase that it was still the leader in AI-driven technology and it looks like the company has succeeded to a degree. By driving eyes and AI features to products that make up its “bread and butter” of products, it seems that Google wants to ensure that it maintains it’s market position. With OpenAI, Microsoft, and other companies hoping to chip away at the company’s market share, Google knows very well that it has to be a leader in generative AI development or risk being left behind. 

But what do you think? Did Google show off enough to pique your interest?



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