5 Can’t-Miss MLOps Sessions Coming to ODSC APAC 5 Can’t-Miss MLOps Sessions Coming to ODSC APAC
ODSC APAC is just days away! On September 7th and 8th, some of the best and brightest minds and data scientists... 5 Can’t-Miss MLOps Sessions Coming to ODSC APAC

ODSC APAC is just days away! On September 7th and 8th, some of the best and brightest minds and data scientists from around the world will gather to discuss the topics and tools shaping their industry. Check out a few of the sessions you can expect to see below.

Key Design Principles for the Modern Data Engineering Stack

Jonathan Neo Analytics Engineer at Canva | Founder of Data Engineer Camp | Principal Data Engineer at Blike

Your data platform is unique and deserves and needs a design pattern customized to your organization and applications. This talk will cover key design principles and provide a roadmap for how to approach creating your own data platform.

Monitoring CV Systems: A Unique Solution to a Unique Problem

Raymond Reed | Customer Success Data Scientist | WhyLabs

Increasingly complex data pipelines and ever larger volumes of data have made maintaining observability even more essential. This session will dive into the many issues impacting model health and data, and will guide you in how to resolve these issues at scale. By the end of this session, you will have addressed how to handle both tabular and image and video data.

Data Science in a Data Driven Energy Organisation

Thilaksha Silva, PhD | Senior Data Scientist | CitiPower, Powercor & United Energy

Shashank Kundapur | Software Developer | Operational Technology Solutions Pty Ltd

This talk will show how CitiPower, Powercor & United Energy and Operational Technology Solutions Pty Ltd harness Big Data and their Smart Grid and Innovation applications to detect faults and hazards, reduce shock incidents, and how they balance the grid using a distributed energy resource management system.

Data-efficient Active Testing of Machine Learning Models

Dr. Huong Ha | Lecturer at the Artificial Intelligence Discipline, School of Computing Technologies | RMIT University

As machine learning models are increasingly used to inform our decision-making process, it’s even more essential to monitor the correctness of a model to prevent failure in critical applications. This session will explore some of the challenges to ensuring the correctness of your models and address some of the methods for efficiently testing your models.

Microsoft’s Accelerator for MLOps

Setu Chokshi | Senior Cloud Solution Architect | Microsoft

This talk will explore how Microsoft’s accelerator for MLOps enables your data science, machine learning engineers, and IT teams to do MLOps without having to learn a bunch of new skills. By unifying the work of the ML engineers and data scientists. they accelerate the process of bringing a model from development into production reliably.

Turning Your Data/AI Algorithms into Full Web Apps in No Time with Taipy

Vincent Gosselin | Co-Founder & CEO | Taipy

Join this talk to discover how Taipy can help you take your Data Science Pilot into the production stage more easily. You will learn how the capabilities of Taipy GUI and Taipy Core exceed those of other graphical stacks and Python back-end stacks.

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