5 Reasons to Consider a Data Science Bootcamp Before Higher Ed 5 Reasons to Consider a Data Science Bootcamp Before Higher Ed
You might have heard that to get a job in data science, you need a degree in the field. However, before... 5 Reasons to Consider a Data Science Bootcamp Before Higher Ed

You might have heard that to get a job in data science, you need a degree in the field. However, before you commit the time and the money to an extended program, a Mini-Bootcamp will help you determine what types of learning paths work for you in less time. In fact, there are several reasons to consider attending a mini-bootcamp. Check out a few of them below.


Mini-bootcamps are often a fraction of the cost of traditional programs, including other bootcamps, which can exceed $5,000. And although we’d all like to be able to treat training as priceless, we’ve all got to eat and pay our bills. At a mini-bootcamp, not only will you build new skills and fill in knowledge gaps, but you’ll also have the opportunity to determine if a degree program is the right path for you. 


Unlike traditional bootcamps, which can range from several weeks to several months, or degree programs which can take a year or more, mini bootcamps usually take less than a week. This condensed schedule allows you to explore different subjects and topics to find your passion before deciding to leave your job for a longer program. 


At mini-bootcamps like ODSC West’s, you’ll be exposed to an unprecedented breadth and depth of topics. With hundreds of hours of instruction on a wide variety of essential topics, including LLMs, machine learning, MLOps, generative AI, NLP, data engineering, data visualization, data management, Python, R, SQL, scikit-learn, and much, much more. At the mini-bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of fields and skills, helping you determine the next step in your data science career. 


In these post-pandemic times, you can now often choose whether to attend a mini-bootcamp in-person or online. So, if travel and lodging aren’t in your budget, you can still take advantage of hands-on, expert-led instruction. Plus, you’ll have post-conference access to session recording allowing you to revisit favorite virtual sessions or check out the ones you missed during the conference. 

Fits Your Lifestyle

For a mini-bootcamp, you don’t have to uproot your life by leaving your job, or perhaps even changing cities. At ODSC West’s Mini-Bootcamp for example, pre-bootcamp training sessions and orientation can be done virtually, either live or on-demand according to your schedule. What’s more, the conference itself is only 1 week, enabling you to build new skills and gain new knowledge with the minimum amount of disruption. 

Career Advice and Networking 

As part of the mini-bootcamp, you’ll get access to our Career Expo, where you’ll find guidance on the ins-and-outs of the data science job market, as well as an expo hall of top organizations. Additionally, as one of the largest data science conferences, you’ll have the unique opportunity to connect with and learn about the experiences of thousands of data scientists from across the country and around the world during our networking events like the Networking Reception, Bootcamp Dinner, and Dinner with Data Scientists.

Check out the ODSC West 2023 Mini-Bootcamp

At ODSC West 2023 coming up this October 30th to November 2nd, you can devote an entire week to the Mini-Bootcamp track. With this data science bootcamp, you get four days to build new skills in a wide range of topics from generative AI and LLMs to MLOps and data engineering. Plus, you can start your training today with on-demand pre-conference training on our Ai+ Training platform! There are options for either an in-person or virtual data science bootcamp, so you can take a crash course in a growing field from wherever you are.



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