5 Tips to Improve Lead Generation Using AI-Powered Social Media Data Analytics 5 Tips to Improve Lead Generation Using AI-Powered Social Media Data Analytics
The effect of AI in the marketing world has been nothing but revolutionary over the past few years. Research by Harvard... 5 Tips to Improve Lead Generation Using AI-Powered Social Media Data Analytics

The effect of AI in the marketing world has been nothing but revolutionary over the past few years. Research by Harvard Business Review reveals that AI has led to a 50% increase in the number of leads and up to 60% cost reduction for businesses meaning AI is a potential boon to improve lead generation.

And, with 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, humongous amounts of social media data is available for businesses to analyze and interpret. AI-powered tools can be used to gain eye-opening insights about consumers and thus lead to massive improvements in lead generation for companies.

Powerful social analytics and CRM tools available today are capable of analyzing customer behavior and presenting the data in a way that can maximize the ROI for businesses.

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1. Segmentation of Prospects

Consumers of all kinds of demographics, age, profession, and cultures actively consume social media. Hence, identifying and narrowing down on the potential list of customers who would be the best fit for your business can be a challenging task.

CRM solutions such as SuperOffice use AI to help businesses to gather and manage all the customer data on a common platform. Using these analytics, businesses are able to segment their prospective customers into highly accurate target lists. 

For instance, people who have engaged with your social media posts in the past are more likely to turn into your leads and eventual customers. A powerful AI-driven CRM such as SuperOffice can sift through all your social media data and help you curate segments of such prospective leads. 

Using such segmented lists, you can create highly targeted and hyper-personalized emails, content, and ads to improve lead generation.

2. Laser-Targeted Paid Ad Campaigns

As mentioned before, AI-based solutions are capable of breaking down your social media data into useful and accurate target lists. These lists of segmented prospects can be a gold-mine for your paid ad campaigns.

Most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to upload customer lists that you want to target specifically. Hence by uploading the lists generated using AI-based tools, you can significantly increase your lead generation rates and reduce CPA (Cost Per Acquisition.)

Moreover, social platforms also allow you to create lookalike audiences based on your data. Lookalike audience consists of those consumers who share traits such as demographics, age, gender, profession, and interests with your existing customers. This is again a brilliant way to find target prospects who will be specifically interested in your products and services.

Hence, AI-driven social analytics can help you get the maximum ROI out of your paid ad campaigns and to improve lead generation.

3. Effective Content Marketing to Improve Lead Generation

Surveys show that content marketing has helped businesses generate 3X more leads than outbound strategies, that too at 62% less cost! Hence efficient content marketing is imperative for any business’ lead generation, no doubt about that!

Your content marketing efforts and ROI can be amplified with the help of social media analytics generated by AI-based tools such as SuperOffice. AI-based analytics can provide you insights about the content format, topics, hashtags, and publish timings that resonate the most with your audience.

You can also understand which content marketing platforms gain the maximum traction for your business. Based on these data, you can modify your content marketing strategy, which can help you attain the maximum amount of engagement for your content. 

By improving your content marketing strategy and focusing your spending on the most profitable content platforms, you will be able to generate many more leads compared to before. 

4. Generate More Leads Through Increased Brand Awareness

Social media data is vast and scattered across various platforms. It is almost impossible to manually organize the data, analyze it, and create campaigns based on it to improve lead generation.

AI-based social analytics tools gather all the data, contact information, and social media engagement metrics in a common portal. So whenever anyone has engaged or made contact with your brand in any way, the data is stored in your analytics tools.

AI can thus analyze these gathered data and help you serve your audience in a hyper-personalized way. This way, your prospects will feel more valued and connected to your brand. By adding value to your prospects, you increase your brand awareness, emerge as an elite brand, and ultimately optimize your lead generation.

5. Omni-Channel Marketing to Improve Lead Generation

Omni-channel marketing involves using customer behavior and data across various platforms to deliver a uniform and highly-individualized message to customers. Message consistency, branding, and delivery timings form the key for omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Social media analytics such as customer demographics, interests, behaviors, and purchase history act as inputs for delivering such unified promotional messages across various channels. 

An AI-driven analytics solution can provide essential insights needed to drive such optimized omni-channel marketing campaigns, thus bringing in the vast majority of leads for your business.

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Conclusion on Using AI to Improve Lead Generation

With the amount of information being bombarded on consumers today, a brand that offers a human touch always wins the race. Personalization and individualized engagement is the most attractive trait that leads consumers to fall for a brand while leaving others behind.

AI technology has brought in nothing less than revolutionary changes in segmentation and personalization, primarily through social media analytics. So, its high time businesses make the wise decision of investing in an AI-driven social analytics solution and watch skyrocketing traffic rates and to improve lead generation.

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