5 Ways to Grow Your Network at ODSC East 2022 5 Ways to Grow Your Network at ODSC East 2022
One of the greatest benefits of attending ODSC East 2022 is the multiple opportunities to network with a diverse group of... 5 Ways to Grow Your Network at ODSC East 2022

One of the greatest benefits of attending ODSC East 2022 is the multiple opportunities to network with a diverse group of fellow data science enthusiasts. We understand the importance of connecting and reconnecting with peers in the field. That’s why at ODSC East 2022, there will be plenty of ways for you to get the best out of any networking opportunity that you might choose to grow your network.

Networking Events

At ODSC East 2022, there will be a full evening dedicated to just networking. Be sure to make time to attend Wednesday’s Networking Night on April 20th. There, you’ll mingle and network with the best and brightest. Aside from Wednesday night, there will be plenty of other networking opportunities throughout the entire conference. From coffee breaks, book signings, meet the speaker and meet the expert sessions, and more. You’ll be able to check off your networking checklist.


Extra Events

There will also be several other opportunities to network if you’re looking for something a bit more niche. These events provide excellent opportunities to connect with people who are also passionate about certain topics that interest you.

The AI Startup Showcase is a place where the next wave of innovators will meet, and learn about the latest and greatest in the world of AI. Network with those who are laying down the groundwork for AI as it continues to grow in scale. 

Along with the AI Startup Showcase will be a new approach to pitching, ODSC East’s AI Startup Reverse Pitch Event. Here, you’ll be able to see some of the brightest startups in data science as they look to tackle challenging problems presented by the nation’s top data investors.

Then there are ODSC East 2022’s Women’s Ignite sessions. Fast-paced and short, these presentations allow participants to be creative with limited time. Learn from some of the most diverse groups of fellow data scientists.

Hallway Track

There is another interesting event that we at ODSC East 2022 want to provide you – as we call it, the informal Hallway Track. This is our formal way of saying that there’s room for you to wander the halls, meet people wandering around, and network with participants who are eager and ready to speak to you about their work and projects. You never know, this might be where you need to be!

Meet the speakers at sessions and ask questions during/after

Networking at ODSC East 2022 isn’t just isolated to specific events. With over 100+ talks and sessions, each of these will provide you with ample chance to reach out to experts and ask questions you’re dying to get an answer for. During these sessions, you just might find some like-minded data lovers who would be perfect additions to your network.

Gather a community during the event to stay connected afterward

Don’t forget to keep in contact with those in your newly-expanded network. What matters is how these relationships grow after ODSC East 2022. Prepare business cards and update your LinkedIn profile so you can keep the conversations going after your grow your network in person.


ODSC East is where you want to be if you’re looking to build out your data science network. Not only are there specific networking opportunities, but an environment where you’ll be able to run elbows with some of the innovators who are helping to build the future of AI. Register now and save 30% off. Don’t just witness the future, be a part of it. 



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