6 High-Paying Jobs in Artificial Intelligence to Aim For 6 High-Paying Jobs in Artificial Intelligence to Aim For
There has been a great deal of negative news associated with AI and the job market, but what many may be... 6 High-Paying Jobs in Artificial Intelligence to Aim For

There has been a great deal of negative news associated with AI and the job market, but what many may be missing out on is how AI is transforming and creating new and often high-paying jobs in artificial intelligence for those who can utilize it. Though some positions may require extensive training and understanding of fields such as math, NLP, machine learning principles, and more, others seem to only require a fundamental understanding of AI with a greater emphasis on creativity.

So let’s take a short journey in the job market, and find some crazy AI salaries, positions, and companies who are in search of these AI wizards. 

Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Until recently, ShortList Recruitment was in search of an Artificial Intelligence Researcher. Well, what does that mean? Well according to the old job listing, though it was quite vague, the researcher would be assisting teams in their projects, models, and day-to-day management of AI, evaluating the model’s progress, and product roadmaps. What were they looking for? Well, since much of what they’re looking for is new, they were in search of a candidate that had about three years of experience while specializing in deep learning

This of course included experience with large datasets, and project management skills to oversee product lifecycles. As for scripting languages, they weren’t too picky it seems, only really requiring one of the following: Python, R, C, Rust, or C++. So the big question is, how much were they going to pay?

Well, believe it or not, the base salary was looking at a range of $200,000 to $240,000. Not bad for only three years of experience right?


Research Scientist, Machine Learning

This wouldn’t be a crazy AI salaries list if OpenAI didn’t have a posting, and the best part is that we’re in luck. The company that has arguably done the most to introduce AI to the masses, is currently in search of a research scientist that specializes in machine learning. According to their posting, to be suitable for the role, they’re in search of someone who has extensive experience working with machine learning models, as well as the ability to employ research and prototype novel evaluation methods. 

They aren’t just looking for someone who can speak numbers, to do well in this role, the candidate would be well suited if they had past experience with interdisciplinary research collaborations, and know how to create high-performance deep learning algorithms. 

So the salary for this job? With relocation even offered as being present in their office is required, the Research Scientist will enjoy a salary range of $200,000 – $370,000.

Prompt Engineer 

As I mentioned earlier, AI isn’t just opening the door for data scientists who specialize in AI, well not totally. If you’re able to communicate well with LLMs and use your skills to create prompts that deliver desirable results, then Anthropic may want to hear from you. Currently, this company is on the hunt for a prompt engineer who can transfer three years of relatable experience and assist the team with testing, documentation, and delivering best practices to their customers. 

Part of this job is to also build out a library of prompts and prompt chains that allow for the accomplishment of a diverse set of tasks.  And of course, with all of this, you’ll create strategies and guides on how you made the LLM generate desired results.

If have you paid close enough attention, there is a greater emphasis on creative ability, perseverance, and the willingness to test, test, and test so more. So, how much are they looking to pay you? Well according to their job posting, the Prompt Engineer salary will be in the neighborhood of $250,000 – $375,000.

Sr Creative Evangelist – Artificial Intelligence

Everyone knows Adobe, even if you’re not a creative person, if you’ve used a computer, you most likely used one of their many pieces of software. And if it still doesn’t ring a bell, take a look at a PDF in the near future. So it’s no shock that this company would also be in search of some creative workers as they continue to expand their AI offers. In this position, which was posted on LinkedIn, Adobe is in search of a Senior Creative Evangelist – Artificial Intelligence. 

In layman’s terms, someone who has decent knowledge of AI tools and is also well-versed in the best practices of community management. As for the prompt engineer posting, though experience with AI is a must, this position doesn’t require a heavy understanding of subjects such as math, deep learning, or other foundational elements of data science. 

The range for this job is a bit lower but is quite nice, sitting at a range of $100,100 – $200,200.

Data Scientist – Natural Langauge Processing 

GEICO isn’t only known as the lizard insurance company for their use of their Aussie accented gecko, they’re also on the cutting edge of using data science to help reduce costs and risks for the customers that they insure. So it’s no wonder that the company is in search of a data scientist to specialize in NLP. The best part? This role is remote!

According to the posting, the Data Scientist would be charged with using machine learning, NLP, and other data-centric strategies to help GEICO’s marketing programs through the use of customization of messages and other elements to guide customers and prospects at different stages of the marketing funnel. 

So what does this job pay? Well, you’re looking at a range of $120,000 – $190,000.

Product Manager – Machine Learning

As AI-powered technology such as deepfakes and other tools have grown in power, their use in TV, film, and other forms of entertainment has also increased. So it’s no wonder why streaming giant Netflix has posted a whopper of a job. According to the listing, the Product Manager would be working with the streaming company to help craft a strategic vision for machine learning Principles, objectives, and other metrics that will be deemed markers of success.

Okay, what does this exactly mean? Well this person would be using AI to help create original content for the platform, and this couldn’t have come at a more interesting time as the writer’s strike looks to continue into the Fall. So movies, TV shows, and even interactive games on the platform might be up the alley of whoever takes the position. 

So, the estimated salary for this job? A massive $900,000!


These are some crazy salaries, right? What’s even more interesting is how diverse the skill sets can be. Because of how new some of this technology is, many of these jobs require not only skills in AI but other transferable skills such as creative writing, community management, and others. 

But as you see in the list, being able to work models and have skills in deep learning, machine learning, and product lifecycle management is still critical for most roles. And with the growing shift toward AI, it’s more important, to get the skills you need now to help you position yourself in the job market, 

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