9 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You at ODSC West 2023 9 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You at ODSC West 2023
Conferences are a great way to build new skills, connect with far-flung peers, gain new insights, and, of course, have some... 9 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You at ODSC West 2023

Conferences are a great way to build new skills, connect with far-flung peers, gain new insights, and, of course, have some fun. Even better, attending conferences is not only good for you, it can benefit the whole company. Here are some of the reasons why your boss might want to send you to ODSC West this October 30th to November 2nd.

New Content

The data science and AI fields change fast, and it can be difficult to stay at the forefront of your field or industry. At ODSC West 2023, you’ll find an unprecedented breadth and depth of content, with hands-on training sessions on the latest advances in Generative AI, LLMs, Prompt Engineering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, MLOps, Data Engineering, and much, much more.

AI Expo and Demo Hall

Exploring options for building your own AI models and algorithms or working with a 3rd party? At the AI Expo and Demo Hall, co-located with ODSC West, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with industry-leading companies, see live demonstrations, and get a better understanding of the market, all in one place. 


ODSC West brings together data scientists, core practitioners, and leading experts from across the country to connect and share insights. In addition to collaborating during sessions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to decompress and share experiences during our networking sessions, including the Networking Reception, Dinner with Data Scientists, Halloween Data After Dark, and more. 


Many of the sessions at ODSC West feature real-world case studies and data. During these sessions, you might see AI being used in unexpected and inspiring ways. At ODSC West you’ll discover new applications for data science and AI from a wide range of industries. 

Return on Investment

Attending conferences and training can be a big budget item for any business. ODSC combines the best of both technical learning and community building. You’ll not only be inspired by our top data science expert keynotes, but also get the hands-on training you can readily apply at work. The best part is that we offer some of the most competitive pricing and the widest range of content of any AI or data science conference. Businesses care about ROI, and this is an event that is an excellent investment for you and your company.

Time Value

You and your company know that your time is valuable. Between the demands on your time at work, project deadlines, and busy outside life, it’s a constant battle to carve out time to upskill. And, with the field changing so rapidly, it’s hard to know what skills to upgrade and what to focus on. ODSC is accelerated learning where your time is maximized. You can get hands-on training that enables you to get current quickly and set up the foundation you need to continue learning throughout the year. After 3 to 4 intense days of sessions, you’ll return to the office ready to put new skills and knowledge to work immediately.

Continuous Learning 

With immediate access to Ai+ Training (included with Bootcamp and VIP passes) and on-demand access to ODSC West Conference recordings post-conference, you’ll be able to continuously learn about core data science topics including machine learning, NLP, responsible AI, cybersecurity, and more. You’ll also have access to our certification courses: Generative AI Fundamentals, Machine Learning Certification, and Deep Learning Certification. With access to these resources, it will be easier than ever to stay current with developments in the industry.  


ODSC West 2-23 gives you the option to attend either in-person or virtually. And like all the best decisions, there is no wrong answer. As an in-person attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues. You’ll also regain some of the spontaneity that makes in-person conferences so engaging and exciting. As a virtual attendee, you’ll have access to industry-leading, data science instruction from wherever and whenever you are, and won’t have to worry about travel and hotel expenses. Whichever you choose, you’ll leave the conference with new knowledge and skills. 

Team Building 

ODSC West is also a great place to improve team morale and get everyone on the same page. The whole team can attend sessions together, ensuring they have a working knowledge of the priority skills, or they can focus on their individual strengths and knowledge gaps. Plus, groups of 3 or more unlock our exclusive group discounts.

What’s next?

Ready to join us at ODSC West 2023? You can register here or download our Convince Your Boss guide for even more resources to help you make your case to your manager.



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