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New AI-Powered SQL Expert Builds SQL Queries in Seconds
As many data engineers now, SQL is both a simple programming language and one where you easily make a mistake, giving you queries that either don’t work or make no sense. But now, a new app called, AIHelperBot, is selling itself as an AI-powered SQL expert that can build SQL... Read more
5 Most Useful SQL Best Practices You Should Follow
Given the vast set of commands in SQL, there can be multiple ways to get the required result data set. However, it is important to know and implement efficient, computationally inexpensive ways to achieve your goal. Therefore, I listed here 5 best practices for writing SQL queries that you should... Read more
5 Things I Learned Writing SQL with Gen AI
ChatGPT has been all over the news for the last few months and again with the release of GPT-4. At DataDistillr, we added a query assistant using this technology which allows a user to simply ask a question and DataDistillr will generate a query that answers that question. I decided... Read more
5 Reasons Why SQL is Still the Most Accessible Language for New Data Scientists
For budding data scientists and data analysts, there are mountains of information about why you should learn R over Python and the other way around. Though both are great to learn, what gets left out of the conversation is a simple yet powerful programming language that everyone in the data... Read more
5 Easy SQL Tricks to Clean Dirty Data
Real-world data is almost always messy. And as a data scientist or analyst, you need to discover the facts about the data. To do so, the data must be tidy and free from errors. Hence, the very first step is to clean the data. Therefore, I summarized 5 tips that... Read more
Don’t Sleep on SQL – 5 Reasons Why it’s a Must-Have Skill in 2022
While we mostly hear about Python, R, and Julia in regards to coding for data science, SQL (Structured Query Language) still has its place as a fundamental skill that supplements more popular languages. Given its ease of use and ability to quickly get started, its versatile use in data analysis,... Read more
5 SQL Data Wrangling Techniques Every Expert Should Know
Data wrangling is an essential job function for data engineering, data science, or machine learning roles. As knowledgable coders, many of these professionals can rely on their programming skills and help from libraries like Pandas to wrangle data. However, it can often be optimal to manipulate data directly at the... Read more
When SQL is Not the Best Answer: Identifying “Graph-y” Problems and When Graphs Can Help
Data scientists work with columns and rows.  This is at the core of our training and we are very good at it!  From SQL tables to Pandas dataframes and everything in between, we like our columnar data.  We thrive best in the assumption that each of our rows is an... Read more
We take a holistic approach towards best practices at 173Tech. Data and analytics are here to guide us in our daily decisions. It needs to be clearly defined, trusted, and easily digestible for everyone. We build quality and thoughtfulness into all aspects of our processes. It is the key to a... Read more
To Learn SQL or Not is the Question
It is generally a major debate amongst many data analysts and data scientists if they should learn SQL to be able to do their job, especially when you have great packages and libraries to ingest data in R/Python directly. In today’s day and age with the rise of data lakes,... Read more