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Speech recognition
Deep Learning for Speech Recognition
Deep learning is well known for its applicability in image recognition, but another key use of the technology is in speech recognition employed to say Amazon’s Alexa or texting with voice recognition. The advantage of deep learning for speech recognition stems from the flexibility and predicting power of deep neural... Read more
Quick start for Golang, Google Cloud API, and Speech Recognition
Speech recognition is becoming increasingly powerful and helpful to developers across the world. In this short article, I would like to demonstrate how easy it is to set up in your own web application using Google’s powerful speech API. I will assume you have basic programming experience. To get started,... Read more
Unlocking the Power of Voice: Enhance Your Applications with Azure Speech Services
Speech is one of the most natural and fundamental modes of human communication. In today’s digital landscape –where audio and video content proliferate across the web and within enterprises— leveraging automated speech AI is paramount, and can make content more accessible, as well as opening the door to greater analysis... Read more
Analysis of Emotion Data: A Dataset for Emotion Recognition Tasks
Emotion Recognition is a common classification task. For instance, given a tweet, you create a model to classify the tweet as being either positive or negative. However, human emotions consist of myriad emotions and cannot be constrained to just these three categories. On the contrary, most of the datasets available... Read more
Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement and Separation Based on Deep Learning
Imagine being at a cocktail party with your friends. Although you are surrounded by other people having their own conversations and a music band is playing in the background, you are still able to engage with your friends and understand what they are saying. The reason is that humans are... Read more
What Businesses Should Know About Speech Technologies
One of the top workshops at ODSC West last year (2018) was a talk by Omar Tawakol, the founder of Voicea. His company created a voice assistant that transformed meetings by handling lower order tasks like note-taking. Cisco acquired Voicea, most likely to integrate it into Webex as part of... Read more
The Mechanics and Business Value of Speech Technologies
Technology is constantly distracting us. Omar Tawakol of Voicea (formerly Voicera) wants to use voice software to help improve our attention and provide a valuable service to the world of meetings. Meetings may have a terrible reputation, but Voicea is hoping to change that with a new type of voice... Read more
Speech Analytics Market is estimated to reach USD 1.59 Billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 18%
What is Speech Analytics? Speech analytics is the method of analyzing call recordings to collect vital customer sentiment and information to thereby enhance communication and further interactions. The process is mainly used by contact centers/call centers to extract information hidden in client interactions with agents. Though speech analytics includes components... Read more
Announcing the ODSC West 2023 Preliminary Schedule
ODSC West 2023 is just a couple of months away, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to share our Preliminary Schedule with you! You can find the schedule here on our website, but be sure to read on for a breakdown of what you can expect from... Read more
Amazon Launches HealthScribe a New Generative AI Tool to Summarize Doctors Visits and Manage Files
This week, Amazon Web Services launched a new generative AI tool called HealthScribe, which will allow doctors to use speech recognition machine learning and AI to empower their offices. The goal of which is to help these offices to summarize visits and manage their in-house files. On the Amazon Web... Read more