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Machine Learning Operations (MLOPs) with Azure Machine Learning
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) can significantly accelerate how data scientists and ML engineers meet organizational needs. A well-implemented MLOps process not only expedites the transition from testing to production but also offers ownership, lineage, and historical data about ML artifacts used within the team. The data science team is now... Read more
Announcing Microsoft Azure’s New Tutorial on Deep Learning and NLP
Here at ODSC, we couldn’t be more excited to announce Microsoft Azure’s tutorial series on Deep Learning and NLP, now available for free on Ai+. This course series was created by a team of experts from the Microsoft community, who have brought their knowledge and experience in AI and deep... Read more
ODSC Europe 2023 Keynote: Microsoft’s Henk Boelman on Deploying PyTorch Models with Azure
As part of our ODSC Europe virtual program, we were fortunate to have Henk Boelman, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, kick off the virtual conference with the keynote talk. Henk’s specialties include AI, Azure, and application development. He is also an experienced speaker and has given addresses at user groups... Read more
Unlocking the Power of Voice: Enhance Your Applications with Azure Speech Services
Speech is one of the most natural and fundamental modes of human communication. In today’s digital landscape –where audio and video content proliferate across the web and within enterprises— leveraging automated speech AI is paramount, and can make content more accessible, as well as opening the door to greater analysis... Read more
Using Azure ML to Train a Serengeti Data Model for Animal Identification
Article on Azure ML by Bethany Jepchumba and Josh Ndemenge of Microsoft In this article, I will cover how you can train a model using Notebooks in Azure Machine Learning Studio. To get the data, you will need to follow the instructions in the article: Create a Data Solution on... Read more
Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service Integrates ChatGPT for Advanced NLP and Responsible AI
Microsoft has announced through a blog post that the ChatGPT is now available in the Azure OpenAI Service. This latest development is a significant step forward in Microsoft’s goal of using AI to enhance its suite of services while also prioritizing responsible AI practices. Its ability to generate coherent responses... Read more
February 16th, 2023 Newsletter: ChatGPT: The Google Killer, Distributed Training with PyTorch and Azure ML, and Many Models Batch Training
Distributed Training with PyTorch and Azure ML Continue reading to learn the simplest way to do distributed training with PyTorch and Azure ML. Many Models Batch Training at Scale with Ray Core In this blog, we demonstrate how to conduct batch training on the NYC Taxi Dataset using only Ray... Read more
February 9th, 2023 Newsletter: Top NLP Skills & Frameworks for 2023, Faster Training with Azure ML, and Learning-Aware Mechanism Design
Top NLP Skills, Frameworks, Platforms, and Languages for 2023 We looked at over 25,000 job descriptions for jobs related to NLP, and here are the most important skills, frameworks, programming languages, and cloud services that you should know for careers in NLP. Faster Training and Inference Using the Azure Container... Read more
Distributed training with PyTorch and Azure ML
By Beatriz Stollnitz, Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft Suppose you have a very large PyTorch model, and you’ve already tried many common tricks to speed up training: you optimized your code, you moved training to the cloud and selected a fast GPU VM, you installed software packages that improve training performance (for... Read more
Faster Training and Inference Using the Azure Container for PyTorch in Azure ML
By Beatriz Stollnitz, Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft If you’ve ever wished that you could speed up the training of a large PyTorch model, then this post is for you! The Azure ML team has recently released the public preview of a new curated environment that enables PyTorch users to... Read more