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4 Things You Should Know About Conversational AI
Technology has always been geared toward convenience and improving the quality of life for mankind. One of the ways of achieving this is through a better understanding of the human mind–their actions, behaviors, and tendencies. One of the results of this pursuit is conversational AI. Nowadays, there are chatbots and... Read more
The Rise of Multilingual Conversational AI
Summary: At ODSC West, Welocalize’s VP of AI Innovation, Olga Beregovaya, shared the business benefits of conversational AI, training data to deliver conversational AI in multiple languages, and how to enhance global customer experience. This article by Aaron Schliem, Senior Solutions Architect (AI), Welocalize, builds on the topic of multilingual... Read more
The Effects of COVID-19 on Conversational AI
When the COVID-19 pandemic swept over the globe in early 2020, millions of people found themselves struggling with loneliness like never before. Mental health was drawn to the forefront of collective concern. Lockdown requirements were necessary to keep everyone safe, but they presented challenges for mental health specialists and people... Read more
Build NLP and Conversational AI Apps with Transformers and Large Scale Pre-Trained Language Models
Transformers have taken the AI research and product community by storm. We have seen them advancing multiple fields in AI such as natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and robotics. In this blog, I will share some background in conversational AI, NLP, and transformers-based large-scale language models such as BERT... Read more
How to Develop Conversational AI for Your Business
Since a few years, chatbots are here, and they will not go away any time soon. Facebook popularised the chatbot with Facebook Messenger Bots, but the first chatbot was already developed in the 1960s. MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum developed a chatbot called ELIZA. The chatbot was developed to demonstrate the superficiality... Read more
Professor John Kelleher discusses recurrent neural networks and conversational AI
Voice translate assistants like Google Home, Siri, Alexa and other similar platforms are now commonplace.  However, for the most part, these device are limited to question and answer  type exchanges and not conversational.  The next big focus for machine translation is dialog systems that go beyond Q&A.  At ODSC Europe... Read more
The Art of Conversational and Domain-Specific AI
Everything that Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants do is quite impressive – it’s hard to argue otherwise. Though, there are industries where generalist AIs aren’t enough; Siri won’t be able to answer domain-specific questions that a person in the transportation industry may have. This is why Wluper is developing... Read more
Announcing the Free Generative AI Summit on July 20th
This year has been dominated by new developments and advances in generative AI. And it feels like everyone, from kids to grandparents, are talking about it and its applications. To help you go beyond the hype and understand what’s really going on in this field, ODSC and Ai+ are hosting... Read more
Google Search Getting a Makeover Thanks to AI
In a bid to take back lost ground from Microsoft’s Bing, Google is planning to revamp its search engine with more advanced AI technology in response to the biggest threat to its position as the internet’s main gateway. In a report by the Associated Press, the search engine giant is... Read more
Fast Food Giant Wendy’s to Automate its Drive-Through With AI
Wendy’s, the Ohio-based fast-food chain, has announced plans to deploy AI chatbots in its drive-through service according to The Wall Street Journal. The chatbots will be powered by NLP software developed by Google and trained to understand how customers order off the menu. The initiative is expected to streamline the... Read more