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Give Unicorns a Break, It’s Time for Data Science Teams
We’ve all heard of the highly sought-after breed of data scientist described as a unicorn. Many companies continue to seek for these mythical creatures. When building up your company’s data science capabilities, should you hold out for a unicorn or create groups of specialists who can work together as a... Read more
The Best Practices For Building Strong Data Science Teams
Key Points: Hiring managers and business leaders often overestimate data scientists’ capabilities, resulting in inefficiencies in the hiring process and poor performance from data science teams The pre-interview process is crucial. It should involve thoughtful contemplation about the role and why it’s needed, and effective phone screens to ensure that... Read more
Watch: Standardized Data Science – The Team Data Science Process with Python
Proven, standardized methodology for data science that folds into standard IT practices (such as SDLCs and DevOps) is the first thing needed for hundreds of data science teams around the world. The Team Data Science Process (TDSP) is a robust, yet flexible, fully-documented and defined process you can use for... Read more
Making Sense of Confusing Data Science Job Postings
If you’re searching for your first or next data science job, the job placement ads probably vary from confusing to downright laughable (“Must have 10+ years of deep learning experience…”). It’s not that you’ve got to be some superhuman data scientist proficient in deep learning algorithms before deep learning was... Read more
Understanding Unstructured Data With Language Models
Much of our machine learning capabilities come from structured data, but the real payload lies in the messy, unstructured data underneath. If we want to gain practical insights, machines have to learn to parse things like social media posts filled with misspellings or sarcasm or handwritten doctor’s notes with illegible... Read more
Why You Still Need Business Intuition in the Era of Big Data
Artificial intelligence is coming for your job, right? Not so fast. Despite what doomsday enthusiasts predict, machines are a long way off from becoming dangerously sentient. Instead, machines are taking over areas where humans just aren’t that great, freeing up human labor to do what we do best, create, build... Read more
How To Get Started With Data Lakes
Data has to be stored somewhere. Data warehouses are repositories for your cleaned, processed data, but what about all that unstructured data your organization is starting to notice. Where does it go? Data Lakes are the newest old thing on the block, so to speak. The concept has been around... Read more
Searching for a Data Colander for Automatic Data Cleaning
Editor’s note: The following is an article written by Devavrat Shah of MIT and Christina Lee Yu of Cornell University. Be sure to check out their presentation at ODSC East 2019, “Predictions in Excel through Estimating Missing Values”.” The stated mission of Data Science or Data-Driven AI is to extract... Read more
Top 3 Data Science Certifications for Business Leaders
Big data is transforming the way we make business decisions. It allows far greater insight into our future potential. It illuminates the customer journey in ways that self-reporting doesn’t reveal. It cuts through all the BS to show us where our efforts are paying off or falling flat. Whether you’ve... Read more