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The Evolving Role of Python in Finance and Fintech
The financial sector is one of the most promising fields for data science. Data analysis technologies like machine learning have substantial potential in the industry, and the rise of financial technology (fintech) provides even more opportunities for data scientists. As data science operations within finance and fintech have grown, Python... Read more
Drowning in Data? A Data Lake May Be Your Lifesaver
In today’s digital world, data is king. Organizations that can capture, store, format, and analyze data and apply the business intelligence gained through that analysis to their products or services can enjoy significant competitive advantages.  But, the amount of data companies must manage is growing at a staggering rate. Research... Read more
The AI Revolution: Exploring Applications and Use Cases Across Major Industries
Editor’s note: Rudrendu Paul is a speaker for ODSC APAC 2023 this August 22-23. Be sure to check out his talk, “The AI Revolution: Exploring Applications and Use Cases Across Major Industries,” there! This article delves into the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) across a broad spectrum of industries,... Read more
More Speakers Announced for ODSC APAC 2023
We couldn’t be more excited to announce that the Preliminary Schedule for ODSC APAC 2023 is now live. Take a deep dive into the expert speakers who will be joining us from around the world and the topics that they will be discussing here. In the meantime, grab a quick... Read more
Databricks Acquires MosaicML and Other Recent AI Acquisitions
Though the economy has been quite dynamic, AI is still a hot market. There have been a few major acquisitions and mergers over the past couple of weeks, each, potentially redefining the market in the near future. So let’s take a look at some of the biggest newsmakers making their... Read more
Financial Market Challenges and ML-Supported Asset Allocation
Editor’s note: Peter Schwendner, PhD is a speaker for ODSC Europe this June. Be sure to check out his talk, “ML Applications in Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management,” there! The year 2022 presented two significant turnarounds for tech: the first one is the immediate public visibility of generative AI due... Read more
5 Industries Using Synthetic Data in Practice
Good data can be hard to find. And even when you can find it, costs or privacy concerns may prevent you from using it. Synthetic data can be the solution to these issues. Here’s an overview of what synthetic data is and a few examples of how various industries have... Read more
Daniel Voigt Godoy on Deep Learning and Starting PyTorch
PyTorch has quickly been gaining steam as a leading deep learning framework, with many practitioners choosing it over TensorFlow as their go-to framework of choosing lately. Ahead of his upcoming Ai+ Training session, PyTorch 101, coming up this August 24th, we spoke with Daniel Voigt Godoy, Senior Data Scientist at... Read more
Training Machine Learning Algorithms to Recognize Fraud Patterns
Machine learning is increasing in usage across several industries, from manufacturing and engineering to retail and marketing. While ML has many applications, the average person has yet to understand it fully. In simple terms, ML allows software applications to continuously improve over time and better predict outcomes with little to... Read more
Top NLP Sessions Coming to ODSC Europe 2022
As the years pass, the uses and applications of NLP continue to grow firmly establishing it as one of the essential topics for data scientists. Feeling the need to brush up on your NLP knowledge? ODSC Europe will feature several expert-led sessions on the topic. Check out a few of... Read more