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All You Need to Know about Gradient Boosting Algorithm − Part 1: Regression
Gradient boosting is one of the most popular machine learning algorithms for tabular datasets. It is powerful enough to find any nonlinear relationship between your model target and features and has great usability that can deal with missing values, outliers, and high cardinality categorical values on your features without any... Read more
XGBoost: Enhancement Over Gradient Boosting Machines
XGBoost Gradient Boosting. In the first part of this discussion on XGBoost, I set the foundation for understanding the basic components of boosting. In brief, boosting uses sequences of decision trees that seek to reduce the residuals of the prior tree. In other words, each new tree uses the residual... Read more
Gradient Boosting and XGBoost
In this article, I provide an overview of the statistical learning technique called gradient boosting, and also the popular XGBoost implementation, the darling of Kaggle challenge competitors. In general, gradient boosting is a supervised machine learning method for classification as well as regression problems. The overarching strategy involves producing a... Read more
Introducing the ODSC West Bootcamp Roadmap – Starting Now
This year for ODSC West 2023, we are making some changes to our ever-popular Mini-Bootcamp Pass and providing opportunities for you to start your learning journey even earlier. Over the past few years, we’ve heard from our community that you wanted more introductory courses so that you can get the... Read more
Here’s What You Can Expect From the ODSC West Bootcamp Program
When starting your data science career, it can be difficult to know which path to choose. When coming from a place of uncertainty, it’s hard to justify the cost (in time and money) of a traditional bootcamp. At ODSC West’s Mini-Bootcamp, from October 30th to November 2nd, you’ll have the... Read more
Hands-On Training Sessions You Can’t Miss at ODSC East
When it comes to building a successful career in data science or AI, getting hands-on training to fill knowledge gaps or learn about the latest developments in the industry is always a good idea. At ODSC East this May 9th-11th, you’ll find hands-on training sessions in a wide range of... Read more
Announcing the ODSC East 2023 Preliminary Schedule
ODSC East 2023 is still a few months away, but we’re excited to be able to share our Preliminary Schedule with you! You can find the schedule here on our website, but be sure to read on for a breakdown of what you can expect from each day.  Day 0:... Read more
Learn More About a Few ODSC East 2023 Instructors and Why They’re the Best
As you know, ODSC East brings together some of the best and brightest minds in data science and AI. They are experts in machine learning, NLP, deep learning, data engineering, MLOps, and data visualization. However, our speakers are also experienced and acclaimed instructors, able to impart their knowledge in a... Read more
Leveraging Time-Series Segmentation and Machine Learning for Better Forecasting Accuracy
Several papers discussed the importance of segmenting time series into groups and modeling each group separately to enhance forecasting accuracy overall. But what does this look like in practice? At the end of the day, why not use an AutoML package (Automated Machine Learning) or an Auto-Forecasting tool and let... Read more
State of Machine Learning Survey Results Part Two
Last week, we posted the first article recapping our recent machine learning survey. There, we talked about some of the results, such as what programming languages machine learning practitioners use, what frameworks they use, and what areas of the field they’re interested in. In the second of two articles recapping... Read more