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Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic are Partnering to Expand Generative AI Into Healthcare
Last week, it was announced that Google Cloud was partnering with Mayo Clinic to expand generative AI into the healthcare space. In the blog, the pair is testing a new service called Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder. The tool allows users to create their own chatbots using Google’s... Read more
6 Unique Ways That AI is Helping Healthcare and Biopharma
AI is quickly scaling and being adopted by multiple industries at a rapid pace, none more than healthcare and biopharma. Not only is AI helping these groups that specialize in healthcare and biopharma with optimizing costs, but it is also opening the doors to new discoveries that can potentially rock... Read more
Top AI Healthcare and Biopharma News in 2022
Medicine has seen some major advancements in 2022 thanks to AI-powered tools and research, from a new way to detect Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, birth defects, and more. It’s clear that researchers are going all in with AI to empower medicine so that patients can receive the best care possible,... Read more
How Healthcare Can Attract Top Data Scientists
I work as a data scientist in the healthcare payment integrity space. I can attest that seasoned quantitative leaders are highly sought after – I get outreach from recruiters weekly trying to entice me to other jobs. To me, data scientists in healthcare are especially valuable. But here’s the problem.... Read more
8 Applications of AI in Healthcare and Biopharma in 2022
Of all the ways that artificial intelligence is being used in the real world, healthcare and biopharma continue to lead the way. Whether it’s for helping doctors make the right decisions for treating patients or developing new medications and treatments, AI has been a welcome hand to these spaces. At... Read more
Could Healthcare Innovation Be Hindered By a Data Scientist Shortage?
Like many other industries, healthcare has become increasingly reliant on digital data. This trend has birthed many positive improvements in care quality, affordability, efficiency, and more, but this innovation may be slowing. A shortage of healthcare data science workers is looming. Demand for STEM jobs has outpaced supply for years,... Read more
12 Notable Healthcare Datasets for 2022
Machines continue to show us how valuable they are to our everyday lives, and healthcare is no exception. However, finding quality healthcare data to train these machines can be a challenge. Luckily, researchers, governments, and even private companies recognize the value of providing (anonymized) data to advance healthcare initiatives and... Read more
10 India-Based AI Startups Changing Healthcare
Although Silicon Valley attracts tons of attention in the artificial intelligence world, other countries are quietly and effectively revolutionizing multiple industries using AI. India has produced many exciting AI healthcare startups, especially those whose missions lie in making healthcare more affordable, more accurate, and more portable while reducing the cost... Read more
Top 5 Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare
Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), where computer systems independently find solutions to complex problems using recurring patterns in databases. Put differently, machine learning helps IT systems to recognize patterns from existing algorithms and datasets, then go ahead and develop appropriate solutions. Today, the healthcare sector... Read more
Healthcare AI: The Technologies, Tools, and Criteria That Matter
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to change the healthcare industry for the better, but we’re just now scratching the surface of its potential. In addition to improved, more cohesive care, AI can help with a range of activities from vaccine development and accelerating clinical trials, to automating once mundane... Read more