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What Industries are Hiring for Different Jobs in AI
As you can imagine, data science is a pretty loose term or big tent idea overall. Though just about every industry imaginable utilizes the skills of a data-focused professional, each has its own challenges, needs, and desired outcomes. This is why you’ll often find that there are jobs in AI... Read more
Companies Hiring Data Scientists Spring 2023
It’s hard not to notice how over the last few months, LinkedIn has been inundated with news of layoffs and job losses due to economic conditions. This is making it a challenging time for many job seekers. But regardless of what you might have seen, there are still companies out... Read more
These Companies are Hiring Data Engineers Right Now
If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pursue a career in data engineering, now might be it. Numerous industries are actively hiring data engineers, offering opportunities that fit a wide variety of interests and skills. Currently, most of the open data engineer positions are located in California (20%).... Read more
Affected by Recent Tech Layoffs? These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists
You’ve seen for yourself online and in the news, how major tech firms are laying off staff all the time. Though the news of tech layoffs might seem grim for those currently in the market to find work or even make a career pivot, not all news is bad. That’s... Read more
Ready For a New Job in AI? Here are the Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists in 2022
The field of data science is only growing. Demand for data professionals has only increased, and according to the Department of Labor, data science is one of the fastest-growing fields that also pays extremely well. That’s why top companies are on the hunt for the best data science pros they... Read more
What Non-AI Industries are Hiring the Most AI Experts?
Welcome to 2022, where AI is currently transforming every industry from what’s right in front of our faces to what happens behind the scenes. So what non-AI industries are hiring the most AI experts according research from Burning Glass (AI Index report)? The information followed by professional, scientific, and technical... Read more
The Unique Challenges Startups Face Hiring Data Scientists
Despite the global disruption and a new normal for working conditions everywhere, interest in startups is still going strong. Deal flow might be happening at a slower pace, but in the US at least, funding hasn’t dried up. It might be slower than in previous years, but capital is still flowing. ... Read more
The New Normal is Here, and These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists for it
As businesses adjust to the new normal following the shakeup from COVID-19, there’s a better idea of where things are headed in the foreseeable future. Self-driving cars are more in-demand, social media has to deal with news and fake news, gaming companies have to adjust to higher player counts, and... Read more
Hiring Partners Coming to the ODSC Europe Ai+ Professionals Expo this June 9th
Finding a new job can be a time and energy-intensive endeavor. Scouring online job postings, researching open positions, and individually contacting potential employers can take up all of your limited free time. At the Ai+ Professionals Expo as part of ODSC Europe this June 9th, however, we’ve done a lot... Read more
Fields Hiring for Machine Learning Experts in 2021
As the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine continues apace and it seems like we might return to some semblance of normal in 2021, we can see other indicators of positivity in the economy: namely in the data science job market. In particular, there seems to be many opportunities for machine... Read more