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Data Version Control for Data Lakes: Handling the Changes in Large Scale
In the ever-evolving world of big data, managing vast amounts of information efficiently has become a critical challenge for businesses across the globe. As data lakes gain prominence as a preferred solution for storing and processing enormous datasets, the need for effective data version control mechanisms becomes increasingly evident.  In... Read more
How Machine Learning Can Be Used to Cut Energy Bills
Utility companies are turning to machine learning to lower customers’ energy bills — and their own. They can offer better prices for consumers when overhead and operational costs are lower, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. Here’s how machine learning and AI are making power cheaper for companies and... Read more
Machine Learning Engineering in the Real World
The majority of us who work in machine learning, analytics, and related disciplines do so for organizations with a variety of different structures and motives. These could be for for-profit corporations, not-for-profits, charities, or public sector organizations like the Government or Universities. In pretty much all of these cases, we... Read more
Khan Academy Releases Khanmigo, a Generative AI Learning Tutor
AI has been a concerning subject for many educators since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. But if Khan Academy has its way, AI won’t be doing a student’s work, instead it will become a supercharged tutor and teaching assistant. This is where Khanmigo comes into play. This fall,... Read more
ChatGPT Enterprise for Large Businesses to be Released by OpenAI
OpenAI, arguably the leader in the world of large language models, stated that the AI company will be releasing a version of ChatGPT focused on the needs of large businesses. According to Reuters, the product will be called ChatGPT Enterprise and it will offer greater privacy, security, and speed. This... Read more
3 Ways Automation is Helping Sales Teams Improve Performance
A traditional sales team setup will have personnel chasing targets while manually managing all the client information. But, the advent of automation tools targeted to sales professionals can help run an efficient and productive sales process. The study by Harvard Business Review has shown that marketing and sales can cost... Read more
Introducing the ODSC West Bootcamp Roadmap – Starting Now
This year for ODSC West 2023, we are making some changes to our ever-popular Mini-Bootcamp Pass and providing opportunities for you to start your learning journey even earlier. Over the past few years, we’ve heard from our community that you wanted more introductory courses so that you can get the... Read more
New Task Force to Study Generative AI Established by Pentagon
The Department of Defense of the United States has established a new task force to guide the application of generative AI. According to the DoD, Task Force Lima will fall under the purview of the Chief Digital and AI Office or CDOA. That office itself was only established back in... Read more
Dynalang: Uniting Language Understanding and Future Prediction in Agent Learning
In the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, agents that can effectively interact with humans and navigate the complexities of the real world are highly sought after. These agents must not only comprehend the nuances of human language but also connect it to their visual surroundings. Current agent models often... Read more
Disney Has a New Task Force to Explore AI’s Benefits
In a new report via Reuters, entertainment giant Disney has formed a task force to explore the benefits of AI. Some of those benefits, according to their sources, include reducing costs.  If proven to be a success, it could lead the entire industry in a whole new direction regarding its... Read more