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According to Analyst: Apple ‘Far Behind’ Microsoft, Google on Generative AI
Apple’s latest iPhone 15 launch event may not have dazzled with groundbreaking product innovations, but it unveiled a deeper concern—Apple’s position in the rapidly evolving world of generative AI is seeing the company lagging behind competitors such as Google and Microsoft. According to Needham Senior Media & Internet Analyst Laura... Read more
Microsoft Files a Patent on its New AI-Powered Smart Backpack
Back in May, Microsoft filed a patent that is looking to turn wearable technology on its head. This new smart backpack hopes to expand what is possible when it comes it AI-supported technology. As one would imagine, the goal of such a piece of technology is the seamless integration of... Read more
OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google Form Body to Aid in Regulating AI Development
The Frontier Model Forum is a new organization created by OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, and Google to focus on the “safe and responsible” development of frontier AI models. This new industry body brings together four of the most influential tech giants developing AI. According to the group, their focus will be... Read more
Researchers From Microsoft and ETH Zurich Introduce LightGlue
In the realm of computer vision, matching corresponding points between images plays a vital role in applications like camera tracking and 3D mapping. But these methods have limitations and that’s where a new deep network called LightGlue comes to play. A result of a collaborative research effort between ETH Zurich... Read more
Microsoft and KPMG Strike $2 Billion AI Partnership
In a report by Axios, KPMG stated that it will invest at least $2 billion in partnership with Microsoft in generative AI and cloud tools. The partnership will see this investment spread over the next five years. When considering the rapid advancement of AI, this partnership between Microsoft and KPMG... Read more
Lawyer Suing OpenAI & Microsoft Over Privacy and Copyright Law Violations
ChatGPT creator OpenAI and Microsoft are facing a class action lawsuit over alleged privacy and copyright law violations. Concerns about privacy and other issues have slowly crept into OpenAI’s radar this year, but now it seems that a law firm has decided to take on the AI pioneers. While speaking... Read more
Microsoft Boss Isn’t Concerned That AI Will Take Over
Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft AI, doesn’t believe that AI will take over. Instead, he believes that the technology will be a driver for human productivity. Though there are some concerns related to the field and its effect on society, combined with concerns about rapid growth, he said... Read more
Announcing Microsoft Azure’s New Tutorial on Deep Learning and NLP
Here at ODSC, we couldn’t be more excited to announce Microsoft Azure’s tutorial series on Deep Learning and NLP, now available for free on Ai+. This course series was created by a team of experts from the Microsoft community, who have brought their knowledge and experience in AI and deep... Read more
New Multimodal Large Language Model KOSMOS-2 Introduced by Microsoft Researchers
In a new paper, Microsoft researchers have introduced KOSMOS-2, a new multimodal large language model that has been able to demonstrate success as a general-purpose interface. KOSMOS-2 aims to revolutionize the interaction between humans and AI in language, vision, and vision-language tasks by incorporating grounding capabilities. Multimodal large language models... Read more
Microsoft Introduces New LLM phi-1: Specialized in Python Coding Tasks
In a new paper, a team from Microsoft introduces phi-1 to the world. A new transformer-based large language model for code. Specialized in Python coding, it has a significantly smaller size compared to competing models. In the study, the team also investigates the impact of high-quality data on enhancing the... Read more