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Building a Custom Convolutional Neural Network in Keras
In this article, we’ll walk through building a convolutional neural network (CNN) to classify images without relying on pre-trained models. There are a number of popular pre-trained models (e.g. Inception, VGG16, ResNet50) out there that are helpful for overcoming sampling deficiencies; they have already been trained on many images and... Read more
Adversarial Attacks on Deep Neural Networks
Our deep neural networks are powerful machines, but what we don’t understand can hurt us. As sophisticated as they are, they’re highly vulnerable to small attacks that can radically change their outputs. As we go deeper into the capabilities of our networks, we must examine how these networks really work... Read more
Visualizing Your Convolutional Neural Network Predictions With Saliency Maps
In many cases, understanding why the model predicted a given outcome is a key detail for model users and a necessary diagnostic to insure your model makes decisions based on the correct features. For example, if you built a convolutional neural network that performed well at predicting damaged products from... Read more