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Bayesian Customer Lifetime Values Modeling using PyMC3
Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total worth of a customer to a company over the length of their relationship. The collective CLV of a company’s customer base reflects its economic value and is often measured to evaluate its future prospects. While many ways to estimate CLV exist, one of... Read more
Allen Downey on Bayesian Methods, PyMC, and In-Demand Skills
Allen Downey, Professor of Computer Science at Olin College of Engineering, has built much of his career around Bayesian methods and the Python programming language. This in-demand skillset has been garnering increasing attention in the data science field, boosting its use in businesses and becoming more in-demand as a job... Read more
Incremental Development of PyMC Models
PyMC is a powerful tool for doing Bayesian statistics, but getting started can be intimidating. This article presents an example that I think is a good starting place, and demonstrates a method I use to develop and test models incrementally. Games like hockey and soccer are well-modeled by a Poisson... Read more
Introducing PyMC Labs: Saving the World with Bayesian Modeling
After I left Quantopian in 2020, something interesting happened: various companies contacted me inquiring about consulting to help them with their PyMC3 models. Usually, I don’t hear how people are using PyMC3 — they mostly show up on GitHub or Discourse when something isn’t working right. So, hearing about all these really cool projects was quite... Read more
Thomas originally posted this article here at http://twiecki.github.io  We recently released PyMC3 3.1 after the first stable 3.0 release in January 2017. You can update either via pip install pymc3 or via conda install -c conda-forge pymc3. A lot is happening in PyMC3-land. One thing I am particularily proud of is the developer community we have built.... Read more
Top Ten European AI Research Labs for 2022
Europe is looking to be the leader in artificial intelligence, and its institutes are busy making sure that becomes a reality. Whether it’s innovation labs or part of a university system, researchers are shaping the future of AI with cutting-edge research and discoveries. Here’s what’s happening in the world of... Read more
7 More Methods For Better Machine Learning
Many companies are now utilizing data science and machine learning, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement in terms of ROI. A 2021 VentureBeat analysis suggests that 87% of AI models never make it to a production environment and an MIT Sloan Management Review article found that 70% of companies reported minimal... Read more
Find Out What’s Happening in London’s Data Science and AI Scene in 2022
The UK has plans to become a global AI superpower, putting London right in the middle of an ambitious effort to build and launch both public and private AI initiatives. Some of the most exciting news could be coming from London in the next few years, so let’s take a... Read more
6 Machine & Deep Learning Experts Announced for ODSC Europe 2022
ODSC Europe returns to London, June 15th – 16th. Join us and experience the best in data science while reconnecting with the community. As you can expect from ODSC you’ll experience the best in-person talks, sessions, workshops, and demos — with the flexibility of enjoying a great deal of the... Read more
Top 10 Cities in Europe for AI
Europe is a key market for artificial intelligence. Pouring enormous resources into digital transformation initiatives like Europe’s Digital Decade and investor interest specifically in AI startups, the continent is an exciting place for those interested in AI. Here are our top five choices for cities in Europe for AI to... Read more