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Harnessing Machine Learning on Big Data with PySpark on AWS
Editor’s note: Suman Debnath is a speaker for ODSC APAC this August 22-23. Be sure to check out his talk, “Build Classification and Regression Models with Spark on AWS,” there! In the unceasingly dynamic arena of data science, discerning and applying the right instruments can significantly shape the outcomes of... Read more
United Nations Agency Assembles Group of Robots to Spark a Discussion on the Future of AI
Last week, a United Nations technology agency assembled a group of robots at a news conference. The hope was that by having robots that resemble humans, it would help to spark a discussion about the future of AI. During the event, the agency invited reports to ask the robots questions.... Read more
Getting Up to Speed on Real-Time Machine Learning with Spark and SBERT
Editor’s note: Dillon Bostwick and Avinash Sooriyarachchi are speakers for ODSC Europe 2023 this June 14th-15th. Be sure to check out their talk, “Getting Up to Speed on Real-Time Machine Learning,” there! The benefits of real-time machine learning are becoming increasingly apparent. Digital native companies have long proven that use... Read more
Supercharge Your Pandas Code with Apache Spark
Editor’s Note: Itai Yaffe and Daniel Haviv are speakers for ODSC East 2022. Be sure to check out their talk, “A bamboo of Pandas: crossing Pandas’ single-machine barrier with Apache Spark,” there! Pandas is a fast and powerful open-source data analysis and manipulation framework written in Python. Apache Spark is... Read more
Introduction to Spark NLP: Foundations and Basic Components
Veysel is a speaker for ODSC East 2020 this April 13-17! Be sure to check out his talk, “Spark NLP for Healthcare: Lessons Learned Building Real-World Healthcare AI Systems,” there! * This is the first article in a series of blog posts to help Data Scientists and NLP practitioners learn... Read more
State-of-the-Art Natural Language Understanding With Spark
For many of you in data science, natural language processing is a critical component of your projects. David Talby of Pacific.ai is here to introduce Apache Spark’s new NLP library and outline how it can facilitate your NLP pipeline for higher accuracy and faster results using the same amount of... Read more
NVIDIA GPUs and Apache Spark, One Step Closer
While RAPIDS started with a Python API focus, there are many who want to enjoy the same NVIDIA GPU acceleration in Apache Spark; in fact, we have many at NVIDIA. When RAPIDS first launched, we had a plan to accelerate Apache Spark as well as Dask, and we want to share some major accomplishments we’ve made... Read more
Spark and The Art of Data Science
Apache Spark, or simply “Spark,” is a highly distributed, fault-tolerant, scalable framework that processes massive amounts of data. As it processes data, Spark abstracts the distribution of the data computations via a machine cluster thus enabling you to create applications using Java, Scala, Python, R, and SQL. Spark has multiple... Read more
Startup Watch: Adding Machine Learning to Business with SparkCognition
In the first two entries of Startup Watch, we looked at BenevolentAI, a London-based company that uses artificial intelligence to accelerate drug discovery, and x.ai, a New York City startup that offers NLP-powered AI assistants to help with scheduling meetings and other administrative tasks. This week, however, we focus on... Read more
Feature Engineering with Apache Spark and Optimus
When we talk about Feature Engineering we refer to creating new features from your existing ones to improve model performance. Sometimes this is the case, or sometimes you need to do it because a certain model doesn’t recognize the data as you have it, so these transformations let you run... Read more