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Exploring GUI of Tableau Prep Builder 
Tableau Prep Builder was introduced with version 2018.1 of Tableau Desktop, but what can we use Tableau Prep Builder (henceforth referred to in this article as Prep) for? The core purpose of the tool is data preparation. The good news is, Prep is fully compatible with Tableau Desktop, and also with Tableau Server. That means you can execute jobs in Prep to clean your data with the click of a button. Additionally,... Read more
Building a COVID-19 Dashboard with Tableau
We all are experts in telling stories with words and sentences. But, have you ever heard of telling stories with data? This sounds intriguing. Well, it sounded the same for me too.  Being able to tell stories with data is a skill that is becoming ever more important in our... Read more
Not all data analysis tools are created equal. Recently, I started looking into data sets to compete in Go Code Colorado (check it out if you live in CO). The problem with such diversity in data sets is finding a way to quickly visualize the data and do exploratory analysis. While tools... Read more
7 Leading Universities With Data Analytics Degrees Coming to ODSC East
There are plenty of data science or data analytics degrees available for those looking for a traditional education approach to learning a new skill. Each program has its own unique approaches and merits that are worthy of consideration. This year we’re welcoming some great data analytics degrees education partners to... Read more
What Industries are Hiring for Different Jobs in AI
As you can imagine, data science is a pretty loose term or big tent idea overall. Though just about every industry imaginable utilizes the skills of a data-focused professional, each has its own challenges, needs, and desired outcomes. This is why you’ll often find that there are jobs in AI... Read more
Top Data Analytics Skills and Platforms for 2023
As the sibling of data science, data analytics is still a hot field that garners significant interest. Companies have plenty of data at their disposal and are looking for people who can make sense of it and make deductions quickly and efficiently. We looked at over 25,000 job descriptions, and... Read more
5 Reasons Why SQL is Still the Most Accessible Language for New Data Scientists
For budding data scientists and data analysts, there are mountains of information about why you should learn R over Python and the other way around. Though both are great to learn, what gets left out of the conversation is a simple yet powerful programming language that everyone in the data... Read more
11 Open Source Data Exploration Tools You Need to Know in 2023
There are many well-known libraries and platforms for data analysis such as Pandas and Tableau, in addition to analytical databases like ClickHouse, MariaDB, Apache Druid, Apache Pinot, Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, etc. While machine learning frameworks and platforms like PyTorch, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn can perform data exploration well, it’s not... Read more
40 Must-Know Data Science Skills and Frameworks for 2023
The role of a data scientist is in demand and 2023 will be no exception. However, each year the skills and certainly the platforms change somewhat. Certain skills become or less popular, new platforms and frameworks are cycled in, and responsibilities change. To get a better grip on those changes... Read more
Ten Areas of Data Engineering Every Team Should Excel At
Data engineering is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing fields of technology and many companies are expanding the responsibility of their data teams to better manage the data stack. Gone are the days when it was simply batch-ingested ETL to analytics dashboards. Companies are increasingly seeking to move to sophisticated data... Read more