Advantages of AI Conferences for Emerging Startups Advantages of AI Conferences for Emerging Startups
Though it might seem intimidating, the fact is that AI conferences are great ways for emerging startups to get their names... Advantages of AI Conferences for Emerging Startups

Though it might seem intimidating, the fact is that AI conferences are great ways for emerging startups to get their names out there. Just like with any business, it’s critical to get your startup in front of the right people, get face time with decision-makers, and it’s also important to know what’s currently going on in the AI world. Even though these are a few critical reasons, there are still a few others you may want to consider if you’re on the fence about attending an AI conference

So let’s go through a few more reasons that might sweeten the deal a bit so you can get your embering start-up the attention it needs. 

Take advantage of field marketing

The one undeniable advantage of attending an AI conference is the fact that you’ll have the opportunity to talk to people who are actually using AI in their businesses. For marketers, this kind of face time with potential customers removes a great deal of the “what if” and “whys” behind market behavior. And as data professionals, these insights can make or break any business. 

With the information you’ll gather, you and your team will learn what a potential market is looking for in an AI solution and how your product can help them. It’s also a fantastic way of learning how to separate your product from the crowd and ultimately get the advantage of being the first to provide a unique AI-powered solution. Finally, you can also get feedback on your product and ensure it meets the market’s needs.

In-Person and Virtual Conference

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Connect with venture capitalists directly

All great ideas still require one important ingredient – capital. Another amazing advantage of attending an AI conference is that you’ll be where venture capitalists are as they look for the next big thing. And as anyone with internet access knows, AI is a hot area right now, as it’s estimated that the global AI market will see a CAGR of over 31% through 2030. That means the market for AI applications is expected to see massive growth over the next ten years. This is a prime moment in time to seek out capital as it looks to capture this growth. 

Also, if you have a product or a demo of a beta, you can show potential investors that your AI startup has what it takes to be successful. Which could make them more willing to invest in your company. Lastly, even if they don’t invest, they can still provide you with valuable advice and guidance via business relationships.

Find new potential employees

All good startups aren’t just made by good ideas, you need good talent to make it all work, and that’s where AI conferences come in. For example, at the ODSC conferences, there are sessions and entire career expos going on during the conference that seek to help connect employers with talent. So while you’re looking to get face time with some capital so you can get the ball rolling on the next stage of your startup idea, you can also make time to find that missing link in your team that is required to make that project come to life. 

Even if you’re not currently hiring, career expos are a fantastic resource to help you navigate the labor market and position your startup to help attract top talent by learning what other successful startups are doing to attach the cream of the crop. 

Learn about the industry & competition

No matter the industry, opposition research is one of those topics that is rarely discussed openly, but everyone does it. And at an AI conference, you’ll have a much easier time learning about the competition: what they’re up to, trying to do, and how they’re trying to accomplish it. The point of course isn’t for your startup to copy them, but seeing what competitors are doing is a great way to get a feel for the market and how your company could better address a market need. 

Which if done correctly, could be an important component of helping to push your product in the right manner, while riding the market in a way that keeps your startup on the cutting edge. 

Ready to introduce your emerging startup?

Attending AI conferences as a new and fresh face is an important part of the process, even if you’re nervous about putting yourself out there. So if you’re serious about growing your AI startup, then you need to be at the ODSC West Startup Showcase. The Startup Showcase is the premier event for AI startups to get their feet wet before diving into the market, and it’s the perfect place to connect with investors, partners, and customers. 

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