Advantages of Attending a Virtual Conference as a Team Advantages of Attending a Virtual Conference as a Team
In the crucible that was the year 2020, we discovered that it was possible to move much of our work and... Advantages of Attending a Virtual Conference as a Team

In the crucible that was the year 2020, we discovered that it was possible to move much of our work and life online. Even conferences have made the transition from in-person to virtual. And while we might miss the spontaneity of running into new and old friends in the hallways, virtual conferences have significant advantages, especially in regards to team training.

As we all know, keeping your team abreast of the latest advancements in data science and AI is essential for the success of your business in a rapidly changing industry. Virtual team training will not only make sure that your group doesn’t fall behind, it also provides additional benefits to both the organization and individual team members.

Minimize the amount of time your team is understaffed

With virtual training, you can have the entire team attend simultaneously, reducing the impact on your workflow. It’s true that projects will be on hold for a few days while the team is out, but this disruption can be contained and prepared for more easily. Furthermore, with their projects paused, your team will be able to fully concentrate on the conference and focus solely on learning as much as they possibly can while there.

Reduce costs

Virtual team training, by its very nature, can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, whether that be at home or in the office. As a result, the travel, accommodation, and personal expenses that would usually be incurred are eliminated. With these additional savings, you will be able to send more, if not all, of your team members to receive training.

Encourage alignment in your team

It can be difficult to keep an entire team aligned when their daily, work-from-home experiences are so varied. However, having the whole team attend the same training courses at the same time can help keep them aligned in the optimal strategies and methods for achieving their goals. Furthermore, the shared experience of attending the same training sessions helps team members build a common foundation for their brainstorming and planning sessions, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.

Collectively experience more of the team training program

During the virtual conferences, your team members can also attend training sessions individually. With 80+ training sessions and workshops, it’s impossible for one person to attend every available session. However, by dividing up the sessions, collectively, your team can experience more of the team training program. By sharing their experiences of various training sessions with the rest of the team, all members can benefit from more sessions than they would have been able to individually.

On-demand access to content

A virtual team training program also gives your team access to the content on-demand, making it easy to revisit specific sessions or catch those your team missed live. They can thereby gain additional knowledge and get access to information at the moment they need it, improving efficiency and productivity.

Improve employee morale, engagement, and creativity

2020 has been a tough year for all of us and has taken a toll on both overall morale and positive energy that fuels creativity and productivity. Enabling your team to explore new ideas, try out new skills, and have a collective team experience, will help build up their morale, motivation, and sense of team identity.

Start your team training journey today

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  • Has experienced instructors and speakers who are experts in their fields

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