Affected by Recent Tech Layoffs? These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists Affected by Recent Tech Layoffs? These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists
You’ve seen for yourself online and in the news, how major tech firms are laying off staff all the time. Though... Affected by Recent Tech Layoffs? These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists

You’ve seen for yourself online and in the news, how major tech firms are laying off staff all the time. Though the news of tech layoffs might seem grim for those currently in the market to find work or even make a career pivot, not all news is bad. That’s because there are still many companies who are not just keeping staff but even expanding their ranks and still hiring. So let’s take a look a who’s hiring data scientists, and get you familiar with them before you apply.

ABN Tech Corp

A technology services company, ABN Tech Corp is a center of services for their clients. Not satisfied with one aspect of data, they specialize in proving services & solutions in Analytics, Industrial IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation, and even Mobile Applications development. If you’re worried about stability, ABN Tech Corp has you covered as they’ve been in business for over fifteen years.


Founded by a data team from Yahoo back in 2013, AtScale focuses on proving costumes value from data and investments in artificial intelligence/machine learning. In less than ten years, the team has been able to court and bring in clients from some of the largest banks like Chase and Wells Fargo, and Fortune 100 companies such as Cigna & The Home Depot.


Have you ever wondered if you could mine for crypto while driving? Well, Hivemapper has found a way! Using their decentralized technology, their goal is to allow drivers to update maps using dashcam data in exchange for mining the Crypto Honey. Top venture capital companies from across the globe have flocked to Hivemapper, intrigued by its concept and invested.


Rasgo has one specific goal – delving into their clients’ valuable & trusted insights from data in less than five minutes. As many data professionals know, that can be a tall order to prepare. But it seems that Venture Capitalists like what they see and have invested well into the company.

KOINO IT Solutions

A technology solutions company, KOINO works to provide their customers with data and automation solutions that, in their words, bring people “comfort and peace.” Their consulting provides solutions for companies in Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Network & Security Assessments, and more.


Quansight specializes in turning its customers’ data into valuable insights through the power of open-source software. Their client list has an impressive group of companies such as NVIDIA, Meta, TKD, and ANACONDA.


As machine learning grows, Seldon is at the forefront of building the global infrastructure for these operations. Founded in 2014, its mission is to help businesses utilize machine learning technology to improve performance and manage risk.


Founded by the creators of Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and MLflow, Databricks is the world’s first and only lakehouse platform living on the cloud. Their goal is to provide their clients with the best of both worlds and provide them with a unified platform for data & AI.


Having good insights is a powerful tool when it comes to data for businesses, but they also need to learn how to use those insights to get action. This is where CallMiner comes into play. By using conversion analytics, they help businesses use their data and grow insights at scale to provide growth in conversion rates. 


Specializing in AI observability, WhyLab’s mission is to bridge the gap between humans and AI applications. Founded by former Amazon Machine Learning team members and a Cloudflare executive, WhyLabs seeks to help AI teams get the most from their models while avoiding costly failures. 

How to get a job in data science

There you have it. A list of top companies hiring data scientists and what they do. Of course, there are a lot of choices out there, so we hope that this list has been insightful and will help you find where you want to take your data journey, especially if you’ve been affected by recent tech layoffs.

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