Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming January 2022 Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming January 2022
Ai+ Training is starting the new year off strong with a full roster of live training sessions for January. We’ll be... Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming January 2022

Ai+ Training is starting the new year off strong with a full roster of live training sessions for January. We’ll be covering a wide range of topics from machine learning pipelines to Pandas to Data Governance. Check out our January live training in more detail below.

Building Machine Learning Pipelines for Retraining

January 11th, 12PM EST

Mohamed Sabri, author of “Data Scientist Pocket Guide”, will be leading this live training on ML Pipelines. During this course, you will learn how to use Kubeflow to create a pipeline capable of automatically retraining a machine learning model and redeploying that model on top of an existing one. With this knowledge, your organization will be able to automate the retraining and redeployment process.

A Data-Driven Understanding of COVID-19 with NetworkX

January 18th, 12PM EST

Bruno Gonçalves is a Senior Data Scientist working at the intersection of Data Science and Finance. His previous experience includes a fellowship at NYU’s Center for Data Science. He’s passionate about utilizing machine learning to study human behavior. 

Gonçalves’ course will explore the basics of epidemiology and the epidemic model in a practical and intuitive way, leveraging our understanding of Python and NetworkX to introduce the fundamental concepts and models of epidemic modeling and use them in conjunction with public datasets to grasp concepts such as R0, herd immunity, and vaccine efficacy, the impact of seasonality, and different competing strains and understand the explore the consequences of our assumptions and interventions. 

Idiomatic Pandas: Best Practices for Manipulating Data in Python

January 20th

With over 20 years of experience in Python, Matt Harrison has established himself as an expert and acclaimed instructor. He has also authored several books, including Machine Learning Pocket Reference, Illustrated Guide to Python 3, and Learning the Pandas Library. 

In his talk, Harrison will cut through some of the biggest issues he’s seen with Pandas during the course of his career. At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the benefits of using the correct types, write pandas code that is fit for both EDA and deployment, and master the best practices to increase efficiency.

Data Governance Essentials

January 26th, 12PM EST

Dr. Jonathan Reichental is the founder of Human Future. His previous roles have included senior software engineering manager, director of technology innovation, and chief information officer at both O’Reilly Media and the City of Palo Alto, California. He is also a recognized global thought leader on a number of emerging trends including urban innovation, smart cities, sustainability, blockchain technology, data governance, the fourth industrial revolution, and digital transformation.

This masterclass will introduce you to data governance, an increasingly essential approach to increasing the value of data and managing the risks associated with it. You’ll discover how your organization can benefit from data governance, how it is implemented, and how it is used to manage a wide range of risks. You will also learn how to measure data governance efforts to increase the probability of success. 

Deep Learning Bootcamp

February – April 2022

Although it starts in February, we can’t resist telling you about Dr. Jon Krohn’s new certification course on Ai+ Training. 

Jon Krohn is not only the Chief Data Scientist at Nebula, he is also the bestselling author of Deep Learning Illustrated and an acclaimed instructor who has given lectures at Columbia University, New York University, and leading industry conferences.

During this 6 week course, you’ll get an introduction to deep neural networks that brings high-level theory to life with working, interactive examples featuring TensorFlow 2, Keras, and PyTorch. 

Paired with hands-on code demos in Jupyter notebooks as well as strategic advice for overcoming common pitfalls, this foundational knowledge will empower individuals with no previous understanding of artificial neural networks to build production-ready deep learning applications across all of the contemporary families.

Access to Dr. Jon Krohn’s Deep Learning Bootcamp is included in an Annual Premium Subscription to the Ai+ Training Platform. This subscription also entitles you to a discount of 35% on all live training courses. 

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