Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming this June Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming this June
June is already here (how on Earth did that happen?) and things are heating up, both in temperature and in the... Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming this June

June is already here (how on Earth did that happen?) and things are heating up, both in temperature and in the field of data science. This month brings in some interesting new live and on-demand training sessions to Ai+ Training. Subscribers to Ai+ Training will get immediate access to on-demand sessions and exclusive discounts to virtual live data science training sessions.

Upcoming Live Data Science Training Sessions:

Foundations for Machine Learning – Computer Science: June 10th and June 24th

Dr. Jon Krohn | Chief Data Scientist, untapt | Author of Deep Learning Illustrated

These sessions on computer science introduce the most important computer science topics for machine learning, enabling you to design and deploy computationally efficient data models. Topics include: 

  • Using the “Big O” notation to characterize the time efficiency and space efficiency of a given algorithm.
  • Getting acquainted with the entire range of the most widely-used Python data structures.
  • Developing an understanding of all of the essential algorithms for working with data.
  • And more!

NLP Fundamentals in Python: June 15th

Matt Brems | Distinguished Faculty | General Assembly

We’ll start by defining natural language processing and exploring its uses. You’ll learn how NLP is biased and how to proactively reduce bias. We’ll understand the process of tackling NLP problems, including cleaning text data and converting it so that we build models with text data. We’ll cover vectorizers, hyperparameters, and pipelines. You’ll walk away with a full understanding of how to tackle an NLP problem.

On-Demand Data Science Training Sessions:

  • Scalable Machine Learning using PySpark
  • Applied NLP 1: Overview of Basic to State-of-the-Art NLP
  • Applied NLP 2: Modern NLP in Depth, from Theory to Action
  • Applied NLP 3: NLP in Production via Web Apps, Automated Pipelines, and APIs
  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python and Keras (TensorFlow 2.0)
  • Introduction to NLP and Conversational AI: From Beginner to Expert with Illustrations and Hands-On Examples
  • Introduction to NoSQL Database : MongoDB
  • Geometric Learning NLP
  • Cybersecurity for ML Practitioners

July 2021 Outlook:

Time Series Forecasting with Python – July 13th

Marta Markiewicz | Head of Data Science | Objectivity

This course introduces the users to the most prominent and widely used time series forecasting solutions, explaining their advantages and disadvantages together with tips, and recommendations on the suited-for-purpose model usage.

Reinforcement Learning for Game Playing and More: July 20th

Amita Kapoor | Associate Professor | the University of Delhi

In this interactive training, you will be introduced to some of the most popular and successful DRL algorithms. We will start with an introduction to different learning paradigms and how DRL differs from them. The two major RL methods: value-based methods and policy-based methods will be explored.

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