All Generative AI and LLM Talks Coming to ODSC East All Generative AI and LLM Talks Coming to ODSC East
Everyone is talking about Generative AI and LLMs. We mean everyone, from your granddad to your dentist. To learn more about... All Generative AI and LLM Talks Coming to ODSC East

Everyone is talking about Generative AI and LLMs. We mean everyone, from your granddad to your dentist. To learn more about the technology that is currently taking over your conversations and newsfeeds, check out these upcoming ODSC East sessions

NLP with GPT-4 and other LLMs: From Training to Deployment with Hugging Face and PyTorch Lightning

Dr. Jon Krohn|Chief Data Scientist|Nebula.io

Join this session for an overview of LLMs, from the basics of what they are capable of to how to get value from them. This session comprises 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Large Language Models
  • Module 2: The Breadth of LLM Capabilities
  • Module 3: Training and Deploying LLMs
  • Module 4: Getting Commercial Value from LLMs

Truth Checker: Generative Large Language Models and Hallucinations

Chandra Khatri|Chief Scientist, Head of AI and Co-Founder|Got It AI

This talk will explore the serious issue of hallucinations in generative LLMs like GPT4 and ChatGPT. You’ll learn about how Truth Checker models can identify hallucination problems and deliver great experiences even without humans in the loop. 

Graph Viz: Exploring, Analyzing, and Visualizing Graphs and Networks with Gephi and ChatGPT 

Tamilla Triantoro, PhD|Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems|Quinnipiac University
Graph visualization is a powerful tool for helping stakeholders understand relationships and patterns in a network and providing insight into the structure of data. This workshop will teach you how to create engaging visualizations with an emphasis on layout algorithms and interpreting and communicating the graph data. 

Deepfakes: How’re They Made, Detected, and How They Impact Society

Noah Giansiracusa, PhD|Associate Professor of Mathematics and Data Science|Bentley University

This session will explore both the social context of deepfakes, as well as the technical side of how they’re made and how to detect them to create a multifaceted story. 

MLOps in the Era of Generative AI

Yaron Haviv|Co-Founder & CTO|Iguazio 

This talk will cover some of the operational challenges that are brought up by ChatGPT and Generative AI in general. Challenges include massive amounts of data, complex pipelines, extensive testing, and more. You’ll also explore the MLOps orchestration best practices and new technologies that will help address some of these challenges. 

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Generative AI

Leonardo De Marchi|VP of Labs|Thomson Reuters

This workshop will explore how AI can be used for creative outputs, as well as to inspire technical audiences to be creative in the ways they use their skills. This hands-on session will include exercises that allow attendees to work with AI models. 

Knowledge Graphs and ChatGPT: Talking to Data

Sean Martin|CTO|Cambridge Semantics

Join this talk to learn how Knowledge Graphs can be used as a source of queryable knowledge for LLM technologies. Through real-world use cases, you’ll explore the ways Knowledge Graphs can enable a more intelligent, knowledge-aware conversational AI.

Infuse Generative AI in your apps using Azure OpenAI Service

Eve Psalti|Principal Group Program Manager|Microsoft 

Join this talk to learn how Azure OpenAI Service businesses can help you apply cutting-edge  AI models (Dall-E 3, GPT-3.5, Codex, and ChatGPT) to applications like creating personalized marketing text, summarizing long-form reports, and conversational AI. 

Video PreTraining (VPT): Learning to Act by Watching Unlabeled Online Videos

Jeff Clune, PhD | Associate Professor, Computer Science | University of British Columbia

This talk will explore how you can use Video PreTraining to extend the GPT paradigm. It will cover recent research using a massive unlabeled video dataset of Minecraft play, which is illustrative of how we can use this paradigm to help automate much of the work humans do on computers. 

Unlocking the Power of Large Language Models: Why Owning Your Own Model is Critical—and Within Reach

Hagay Lupesko | VP Engineering | MosaicML

Jay Jackson | VP AI/ML | Oracle

Join this session to explore why training, deploying, and owning your own LLM is essential for an organization. You will learn strategies for training and deploying your own models,  while protecting your data and your business IP.

 When Robots Beat Humans: How ChatGPT is Changing the Financial Industry

Christina Qi|CEO|Databento

This talk will explore how ChatGPT has affected the recruiting industry and the questions that it brings up for organizations. Some of the questions that will be addressed are whether or not companies should embrace ChatGPT, how organizations should respond given the technology has already permeated society, and others. 


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