All of the Free Virtual Sessions Coming to ODSC Europe 2023 All of the Free Virtual Sessions Coming to ODSC Europe 2023
ODSC Europe is next week, coming up June 14th-15th, and we can’t wait to bring the data science community together, both... All of the Free Virtual Sessions Coming to ODSC Europe 2023

ODSC Europe is next week, coming up June 14th-15th, and we can’t wait to bring the data science community together, both in-person and virtually, to reconnect, learn, and grow. Our in-person passes are almost sold out, but don’t worry. If you are unable to join us at the Tobacco Dock this June, we’ll be hosting lots of engaging training sessions, workshops, and talks on our virtual platform. Check out our confirmed sessions below.

Wednesday, June 14th

  • Me, my health, and AI: applications in medical diagnostics and prognostics: Sara Khalid | Associate Professor,  Senior Research Fellow, Biomedical Data Science and Health Informatics | University of Oxford
  • Iterated and Exponentially Weighted Moving Principal Component Analysis: Dr. Paul A. Bilokon | Visiting Lecturer, CEO and Founder | Imperial College London, Thalesians Ltd
  • Apache Kafka for Real-Time Machine Learning Without a Data Lake: Kai Waehner | Global Field CTO, Author, International Speaker
  • Semantic Analysis and Procedural Language Understanding in the Era of Large Language Models: Dr. Gözde Gül Şahin | Assistant Professor, KUIS AI Fellow | KOC University
  • Fraud Detection with Machine Learning: Laura Mitchell | Senior Data Science Manager | MoonPay
  • Deep Learning and Comparisons between Large Language Models: Hossam Amer, PhD | Applied Scientist | Microsoft
  • Multimodal Video Representations and Their Extension to Visual Language Navigation: Cordelia Schmid | Research Director,  Research Scientist | Inria, Google
  • Why GPU Clusters Don’t Need to Go Brrr? Leverage Compound Sparsity to Achieve the Fastest Inference Performance on CPUs: Damian Bogunowicz and Konstantin Gulin | Machine Learning Engineers | Neural Magic
  • Few-shot Learning for Natural Language Understanding: Helen Yannakoudakis | Assistant Professor | King’s College London
  • Probabilistic Machine Learning for Finance and Investing: Deepak Kanungo | Founder and CEO,  Advisory Board Member | Hedged Capital LLC, AIKON
  • Why the Jagged Edge Matters: Jutta Treviranus | Director and Professor at Inclusive Design Research Centre | OCAD University
  • The Tangent Information Modeler, time series modeling reinvented: Philip Wauters | Customer Success Manager and Value engineer | Tangent Works
  • Ask the Experts! ML Pros Deep-Dive into Machine Learning Techniques and MLOps: Seth Juarez | Principal Program Manager | Microsoft 
  • Driving AI Forward: Continental Tire’s Journey to MLOps Excellence: Drazen Dodik | Customer Success Lead | Valohai

Thursday, June 15th

  • AI and Bias: How to detect it and how to prevent it: Sandra Wachter, PhD | Professor, Technology and Regulation | Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
  • From Probabilistic Logics to Neurosymbolic AI: Luc De Raedt | Director, Professor | Leuven.AI, KU Leuven
  • Pre-trained Language Models for Summarisation: Sophia Ananiadou | Prof Chair in Computer Science, Natural Language Processing and Text Mining | University of Manchester
  • On the Engineering of Social Values: Carles Sierra, PhD | Director | Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
  • The Unfairness of Fair Machine Learning: Levelling Down and Strict Egalitarianism by Default: Brent Mittelstadt, PhD | Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, and Director of Research | Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
  • Botnets detection at scale – Lesson learned from clustering billions of web attacks into botnets: Ori Nakar | Principal Engineer, Threat Research | Imperva
  • Should You Trust Your Copilot? Limitations and Merits of AI Coding Assistants: Emanuele Fabbiani, PhD | Head of Machine Learning | Xtream
  • Getting Up to Speed on Real-Time Machine Learning: Dillon Bostwick, Avinash Sooriyarachchi | Senior Solutions Architect, Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect | Databricks
  • Time Series Forecasting for Managers – All forecasts are wrong but some are useful: Tanvir Ahmed Shaikh | Data Strategist (Director) | Genentech, Inc

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