Announcing AI+ Training, Live & On-Demand Data Science Training Announcing AI+ Training, Live & On-Demand Data Science Training
To excel in the field of data science means one must always be learning about the latest tools, trends, and techniques,... Announcing AI+ Training, Live & On-Demand Data Science Training

To excel in the field of data science means one must always be learning about the latest tools, trends, and techniques, and to always know of the latest developments in their respective specialities. This is why we have created AI+ Training, a platform devoted to both live and on-demand training for important topics in data science such as deep learning, NLP, and more. Our first courses will be taught by popular past ODSC speakers Jon Krohn and Leonardo de Marchi, and will be presenting their first training sessions this summer.

What’s live training like?

AI+ Training courses will be 4-hours each, will be divided into modules, and are designed to cover the basics of their respective topics and will allow you to complete projects and apply your newfound knowledge by the end of the day. Essentially, you’re learning a new technique in a single afternoon! All workshops will be on our new AI+ Training platform and will also be available on-demand following the initial presentation.

Upcoming Training Sessions

July 29th: Deep Learning (with TensorFlow 2 and PyTorch), Dr. Jon Krohn

In Jon’s training session, you will be able to understand the essential theory of artificial neural networks, including which deep learning approach is most appropriate for solving a given problem. You’ll also build production-ready deep neural networks with the NumPy-esque PyTorch library as well as with the heavyweight TensorFlow 2 library. By the end of the day, participants will also be able to interpret the output of deep learning models to troubleshoot and improve results.

“Through teaching the foundations of deep learning many dozens of times, I’ve developed a pedagogical technique not found anywhere else that makes understanding the complexities of artificial neural networks straightforward and intuitive,” said Jon, on the nature of his course. “With the particular hands-on approach of my class, you will begin to develop an intuitive feel for how and why deep learning works, as opposed to simply being aware of the underlying theory.”

August 11th & August 18th, Programming with Data: Python and Pandas, Daniel Gerlanc

In this training, you will learn how to accelerate your data analyses using the Python language and Pandas, a library specifically designed for tabular data analysis. We start by learning the core Pandas data structures, the Series and DataFrame. 

From these foundations, we will learn to use the split-apply-combine paradigm for grouped computations, manipulate time series, and perform advanced joins between datasets. Specifically, loading, filtering, grouping, and transforming data. Having completed this workshop, you will understand the fundamentals and advanced features of Pandas, be aware of common pitfalls, and be ready to perform your own analyses.

August 5th, NLP Fundamentals, Leonardo De Marchi

Extracting knowledge from text data has always been one of the most researched topics in machine learning, but only recently we witnessed breakthroughs that put NLP on the spotlight. Many informations are stored in unstructured data, like text, that are extremely important in many different fields, from finance to social media and e-commerce.

In this course, we will go through Natural Language Processing fundamentals, such as pre-processing techniques, tf-idf, embeddings, and more. It will be followed by practical coding examples, in python, to teach how to apply the theory to real use cases.

The goal of this workshop is to provide the attendees all the basic tools and knowledge they need to solve real problems, and understand the most recent and advanced NLP topics. 

Level Up your data science skills today!

These three courses are all starting this summer, and you can get 30% off each course now if you register now. In one afternoon, you’ll be able to add a new skill set to your resume and begin a new data science path, and by signing up now, you can kickstart your career in no time.



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