Announcing ODSC East 2020! Announcing ODSC East 2020!
With 2019 almost in the history books, we’re happy to announce some of the first details for the first conference of... Announcing ODSC East 2020!

With 2019 almost in the history books, we’re happy to announce some of the first details for the first conference of the next decade – ODSC East 2020 April 13-17! Our flagship event is expected to contain up to 18 unique tracks per day, with 400+ hours of content, 300+ speakers, and over 5,000 attendees. Here’s what’s new and notable for the upcoming event

Announcing Data Science Research Frontiers

ODSC West 2019 hosted our inaugural Data Science Research Frontiers track. We were delighted to host leading researchers from OpenAI, Uber Labs, Facebook FAIR lab, UC Berkeley Lab, and many more. A common trend among many practicing data scientists is their passion for what’s new and innovative. To quote one past attendee, “I always keep papers from arXiv.org in my briefcase to read while I’m commuting to and from work.”

We heard you loud and clear. For ODSC East 2020, we’re making an effort to bring the research to you. Expect to hear a lot more about the latest advancements in languages, libraries, frameworks, and so on, all from leading research institutions and academics.

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More “Machine Learning for Programmers”

Way back in 2011, Marc Andreessen published an essay titled “Why Software Is Eating The World.” Well, now more than a few people have been quoted as saying “Machine Learning is Eating Software.” Regardless of your programming experience, machine learning is an essential skill. We’re expanding this focus area to specifically help programmers (using python, R, Java, C#, etc) develop the ML skills they need. 


East Mini Bootcamp 

From recent polls, we’ve learned that two of the biggest blockers for those looking to get started in data science is time and money. Finding time to build skills and stay current is difficult with existing commitments, and, let’s face it, regular bootcamps and traditional education are expensive. ODSC’s Mini Bootcamp is a new way to gain in-demand skills in the shortest amount of time and kickstart your career.

Deep Learning and Machine Learning – Topics and Frameworks

One of the things attendees love most about ODSC is the breadth and depth of our content, of which we’ll have over 400 hours for 2020. We will bring you the latest updates and insights on the must-have ML and DL frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and many more, directly from the innovators and creators of these tools.  We’ll also cover a range of basic, intermediate, and advanced topics from CNN, RNN, GANs to reinforcement learning, adversarial networks, adaptive learning, transfer learning, active learning, and attention in DL.

Introducing the Ai x Summit

Our AI for Business track is now a dedicated co-located Summit, “The Ai x Summit,” hosted simultaneously with ODSC East on April 14th and 15th featuring over 70 sessions. If you’re an analyst, manager, executive or professional looking for an AI and business vertical deep dive, this is the summit for you.

Ai x’s tracks will feature use cases and insights on Artificial Intelligence in Climate, Energy, Finance, Cyber & Fraud, Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma, Retail, Marketing, and Manufacturing.  We will also cover topics such as explainability, ethics & fairness, governance, management, and innovation & expertise. Expect to learn how you can use AI in the fields you’re already working in!

The Best Minds in Data Science

Every year, we aim to host some of today’s best innovators and thought leaders in data science. In the past, we’ve hosted Michael I. Jordan (UK Berkeley AI Lab), Rachel Thomas (fast.ai), DJ Patil (Devoted Health), Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley BAIR Lab), Hilary Mason (Cloudera), Cassie Kozyrkov (Google), Kirk Borne (Booz Allen Hamilton), Jürgen Schmidhuber (The Swiss AI Lab IDSIA), and Yoshua Bengio (Université de Montréal).

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks to learn about our first wave of speakers coming to ODSC East 2020!

Your Own Path to Learning Data Science

Every learner has their own approach, needs, and ways of absorbing new knowledge. As such, we provide multiple types of talks and workshops so you get the information you want, how you want it. For East 2020, we offer a data science bootcamp, half-day trainings, talks, case study examples, workshops, and more to be announced.

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