Announcing the First Speakers for ODSC East 2021 Announcing the First Speakers for ODSC East 2021
ODSC events for 2020 are all wrapped up, and now it’s time to start thinking and planning for the year ahead.... Announcing the First Speakers for ODSC East 2021

ODSC events for 2020 are all wrapped up, and now it’s time to start thinking and planning for the year ahead. Our first major event of 2021 will be the ODSC East 2021 Virtual Conference from March 30th to April 1st, and we’re excited to announce a few of the ODSC East 2021 speakers.

Across the entirety of the event, the speakers will cover topics such as: Recommendation Systems | Advanced NLP│Federated Learning  │Troubleshooting Deep Neural Networks│Machine Learning Interpretability│Automatic Machine Learning │Tackling Inherent Bias in AI│Deep Reinforcement Learning│Explainable AI│Transfer Learning│Causal Learning│Semi-Supervised Learning│DL for Detecting AudioVisual Fakes│Deepfake│Never-Ending Learning

The ODSC East 2021 Virtual Conference is expected to host over 250 speakers. Stay tuned to this page for all future announced ODSC East 2021 speakers, and learn more about a few of them here: 

Announced Talks:

Kirk borneDr. Kirk Borne | Principal Data Scientist | Booz Allen Hamilton: Solving the Data Scientist’s Cold-Start Problem with Machine Learning Examples and Atypical Applications of Typical Machine Learning Algorithms: We will present several machine learning modeling examples, suggested solutions to their cold-start challenges, and related concepts, including the objective function, genetic algorithms, backpropagation, gradient descent, and meta-learning.



Jared Lander | Chief Data Scientist, Author of R for Everyone, Professor | Lander Analytics, Columbia Business School: Modern Machine Learning in R Part I & II:

With hundreds of machine learning models available in R having one unified interface makes life so much easier. The author of the popular {caret} package has reinvented it for the modern age in the form of {tidymodels}. We’ll use the suite of packages to specify models, perform feature engineering, tune over hyperparameters, and make predictions.



ODSC east 2021 speakersLara Kattan | Risk Management Specialist | Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Inference with Python: The intention is to get hands-on experience building PyMC3 models to demystify probabilistic programming / Bayesian inference for those more well versed in traditional ML, and, most importantly, to understand how these models can be relevant in our daily work as data scientists in business.



ODSC east 2021 speakersTeal Guidici, PhD | Machine Intelligence Scientist | Draper: Echo State Networks for Time-Series Data: In this session, participants will be introduced to Echo State Networks (a type of recurrent neural network) including theory, key parameters in implementation and practical considerations. Participants will have the opportunity to use a publicly available Echo State Network implementation on open data. Additional results will be shown based on a highly customized implementation.



More featured ODSC East 2021 speakers

Paige Roberts | Open Source Relations Manager | Vertica

Sarah Aerni, PhD | Director of Data Science and Engineering | Salesforce

Leonardo De Marchi | Head of Data Science and Analytics | Badoo (now MagicLab, which owns several apps)

Ian Johnson | Data Visualization Developer | Observable

Oren Etzioni, PhD | CEO | Allen Institute for AI

Joe Hellerstein, PhD | Chief Strategy Officer, Professor of Computer Science | Trifacta; Berkeley

Noemi Derzsy, PhD | Senior Inventive Scientist | AT&T Chief Data Office

Laura A. Seaman, PhD | Machine Intelligence Scientist | Draper

Julie Josse, PhD | Advanced Researcher | Inria

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