Announcing the Free Generative AI Summit on July 20th Announcing the Free Generative AI Summit on July 20th
This year has been dominated by new developments and advances in generative AI. And it feels like everyone, from kids to... Announcing the Free Generative AI Summit on July 20th

This year has been dominated by new developments and advances in generative AI. And it feels like everyone, from kids to grandparents, are talking about it and its applications. To help you go beyond the hype and understand what’s really going on in this field, ODSC and Ai+ are hosting a free virtual event on July 20th, the Generative AI Summit. Discover what you can expect from this event below.

Event Overview

The Generative AI Summit will feature a variety of sessions that will cover the technical aspects of generative AI as well as address some of the implications of its applications in society. Topics covered during the event include:

Generative Models | Training Techniques | Applications | Interpreting Gen AI | Ethics & Governance | Future Trends


Confirmed Speakers

We’ve already announced our first group of expert speakers. Check them out below. 

Max Welling PhD | Distinguished Scientist @ Microsoft Research

Dr. Welling is a Professor at the University of Amsterdam and a Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research (MSR). He is also a fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and the European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), where he serves on the founding board.

Sophia Ananiadou PhD | Professor @ University Of Manchester

Dr. Ananiadou is a Professor at the University of Manchester and director of The National Centre for Text Mining. She has led the development of the text-mining tools and services currently used in NaCTeM with the aim of providing scalable text-mining services. Additionally, she is the recipient of the IBM UIMA innovation award 3 consecutive times and is also a Daiwa award winner.

Stefano Ermon PhD | Assistant Professor @ Stanford University

Dr. Ermon is the Assistant Professor at Stanford University, where he is affiliated with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and a fellow of the Woods Institute for the Environment. His research is centered on techniques for probabilistic modeling of data and is motivated by applications in the emerging field of computational sustainability.

Sydney Montgomery | Founder And CEO @ Outline It

Sydney is the CEO and Founder of Outline It, Inc., an edtech company. She is also the Executive Director and Founder of Barrier Breakers®, a 501c3 faith-based education nonprofit with a mission to increase access to higher education for BIPOC and other marginalized students. A Princeton and Harvard Law School graduate, she has used her platform to help students break down generational barriers and step confidently into their future.

Daniel Voigt Godoy | Data Scientist and Author

Daniel has been teaching machine learning and distributed computing technologies at Data Science Retreat, the longest-running Berlin-based bootcamp, for more than three years, helping many students advance their careers. He writes regularly for Towards Data Science. He is also the main contributor of two Python packages: HandySpark and DeepReplay.

Elizabeth M. Adams | Affiliate Fellow @ Stanford Institute For Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)

Elizabeth is a technology integrator, working at the intersection of Cyber Security, AI Ethics, and AI Governance. She also speaks and writes on the critical subjects within Diversity & Inclusion in AI. She is a member of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

Chandra Khatri | Chief Scientist And Head Of AI @ Got It AI

Chandra is best known for developing state-of-the-art AI products such as the world’s first fully autonomous Conversational AI technology, the Alexa Prize (ChatGPT-like voice experience for Alexa users 5 years before ChatGPT), and Truth Checker AI, the first and currently only model to detect hallucinations generated by language models such as GPT-4.

Emily Webber | Principal Machine Learning Specialist Solutions Architect @ AWS

Emily is a machine learning specialist solutions architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She’s been leading data science projects for many years, piloting the application of machine learning into such diverse areas as social media violence detection, computer vision, reinforcement learning, the IoT, drones, and robotic design. Previously, she worked as a data scientist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

We’ll be adding more speakers soon. So be sure to check the website often. 

Register for free

Registration is now open! You can save your spot at the Generative AI Summit here



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