Announcing the Keynotes for ODSC West 2022 Announcing the Keynotes for ODSC West 2022
ODSC West 2022 is officially just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our Keynotes... Announcing the Keynotes for ODSC West 2022

ODSC West 2022 is officially just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our Keynotes and Featured Speakers. Collectively, these luminaries have won numerous awards, hold several patents, authored numerous papers, and contributed to leading publications. Check them out below.

Keynote Speakers

Michael I. Jordan, PhDMichael I. Jordan, PhD: Distinguished Professor | UC, Berkeley | ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award Laureate

Michael I. Jordan’s research ranges across the cognitive, social, biological, computational, and statistical sciences. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Foreign Member of the Royal Society. He is also the recipient of numerous awards including, most recently, the Ulf Grenander Prize from the American Mathematical Society in 2021.


Kay Firth-ButterfieldKay Firth-Butterfield: Head of AI & Machine Learning | Member, Executive Committee | World Economic Forum

Kay Firth-Butterfield, one of the world’s foremost experts on the governance of AI, has dedicated much of her career to furthering the goals of AI Governance. In 2014 she was named the world’s first Chief AI Ethics officer. She is also the Vice-Chair of The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, has sat on multiple boards, and contributed to the development of a set of ethical principles for AI. 


Pieter Abbeel, PhDPieter Abbeel, PhD: Director, Co-Director | Berkeley Robot Learning Lab, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence (BAIR) Lab

Professor Abbeel’s research strives to build ever more intelligent systems, which has his lab push the frontiers of deep reinforcement learning, deep unsupervised learning, especially as it pertains to robotics. Professor Abbeel is a renowned instructor, entrepreneur, and advisor. He is also the recipient of many awards, including 10+ best paper awards/finalists. 



Ion Stoica, PhDIon Stoica, PhD: Professor, Director | UC Berkeley, RISELab

Ion Stoica, PhD’s current research focuses on cloud computing and networked computer systems. His past work includes Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Tachyon, Chord DHT, and Dynamic Packet State (DPS). Over the course of his career he has received numerous awards, including, most recently, the SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award (2015), as well as founded multiple companies. 



Graham Neubig, PhDGraham Neubig, PhD: Associate Professor, Faculty | Carnegie Mellon University, NeuLab

Graham Neubig, PhD’s research focuses on multilingual natural language processing, natural language interfaces to computers, and machine learning methods for NLP, with the final goal of every person in the world being able to communicate with each other, and with computers in their own language. He also contributes to making NLP research more accessible through open publishing of research papers, advanced NLP course materials and video lectures, and open-source software.


Jun Zeng, PhDJun Zeng: Distinguished Technologist and Founding Manager of the 3D Digital Twin Group | HP

Over the course of his career, Jun has spent 20 years creating and commercializing software for improving cyber-physical systems. He is also one of the editors of a book on computer-aided Design, one of the authors of a book on digital factory, and has authored 50+ peer-reviewed papers.​ 



Mario Inchiosa, PhDMario Inchiosa, PhD: Principal Data Scientist Manager | Microsoft

Dr. Inchiosa’s current work focuses on AI-led co-innovation engagements. His past roles have included work in analytics, big data, R, SQL, data mining, and more. He has also been awarded four patents and has published over 30 research papers, earning Publication of the Year and Open Literature Publication Excellence awards.



Monica S. Lam, PhDMonica S. Lam, PhD: Professor,  Faculty Director | Stanford University, Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL)

Professor Lam’s expertise lies in conversational virtual assistants, the subject of her current research, and compilers for high-performance machines. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the ACM Most Influential Programming Language Design and Implementation Paper Award in 2001, and is a co-author of Compilers, Principles, Techniques, and Tools (2nd Edition), also known as the Dragon book.


Featured Speakers

Yaron Haviv: Co-Founder & CTO | Iguazio

Over the past 30 years, Yaron Haviv has used his expertise in AI, data, cloud, and networking to enterprise companies and startups. He is also a popular presenter at major industry events and contributor to publications like TheNewStack, Hackernoon, Dzone, Towards Data Science, and more. 



Scott McClellan: Sr Director – Product | NVIDIA

Scott McClellan’s current work at NVIDIA focuses on data science workflows. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Scott was the CTO of PRGX Inc, the chief technologist at RedHat and HP. At HP he worked across HPC, cloud, big data, and AI solutions.




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