Announcing the ODSC APAC 2021 Keynotes Announcing the ODSC APAC 2021 Keynotes
Over the past several years, AI has increasingly permeated our lives, transforming how we interact with each other and execute basic... Announcing the ODSC APAC 2021 Keynotes

Over the past several years, AI has increasingly permeated our lives, transforming how we interact with each other and execute basic tasks like shopping for groceries. As such, it’s imperative that we understand these technologies and the ways that they have and will shape the way we live. These are just some of the topics that our expert speakers will cover at ODSC APAC Virtual, September 15th and 16th, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the first ODSC APAC 2021 keynotes.

ODSC APAC 2021 Keynotes

Ben Taylor, PhD: Chief AI Evangelist | DataRobot

Over the course of his career, Dr. Ben Taylor has worked at an AI hedge fund, an HR startup where he filed 7 patents and built out their data science group, helped pioneer anti-bias mitigation strategies for AI, and co-found Zeff.ai, which was acquired by DataRobot in 2020.


Dr. Denis Bauer: Principal Research Scientist: Group Lead Transformational Bioinformatics | CSIRO

An internationally recognized expert in artificial intelligence, Dr. Denis Bauer is passionate about improving health by decoding the secrets in our genome using cloud-computing technology. Over the course of her career, she has attracted more than $31M to further health research and digital applications, developed open-source bioinformatics software to detect new disease genes, as well as computational tools to track, monitor, and diagnose emerging diseases, such as COVID-19.


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Dr. Nathan Kirchner: Founder, CTO | Presien

Dr. Nathan Kirchner has won a number of international awards and recognitions, including being named as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers by Engineers Australia and as one of Australia’s and the US’ Top Ten Young Scientists by Popular Science magazine. He specializes in uncovering and imagining opportunities for emergent future technologies in the real world and forging viable R&D to delivery pathways to their realization.

Ralph Vincent Regalado, PhD: CEO, Developer Expert, ML | Senti.ai, Google | 2020 Injap-Sia Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award Recipient

Ralph Vincent Regalado’s introduction to the startup scene was Ideaspace’s StartUp Weekend Manila, which he won with an idea for an AI-backed analytics software that was able to understand Filipino languages. The focus of his current work is on creating customer-centric AI solutions for BPOs, telecom, media, government, research, and more. 

Dr. Shailesh Kumar: Chief Data Scientist | Jio

Over his 18 years of experience in building AI solutions in a variety of domains including Web, Retail, Finance, Remote Sensing, Fleet Management, Computer Vision, Knowledge Graph, and Conversational computing, Dr. Shailesh Kumar has published over 20 international papers and book chapters, and has filed more than 20 patents in AI/ML. He was also recognized as one of the top 10 data scientists in India by Analytics India Magazine in 2015.

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