Announcing the ODSC East 2024 Complete Schedule Announcing the ODSC East 2024 Complete Schedule
ODSC East 2024 is just weeks away, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to share our Schedule with... Announcing the ODSC East 2024 Complete Schedule

ODSC East 2024 is just weeks away, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to share our Schedule with you! You can find the schedule here on our website, but be sure to read on for a breakdown of what you can expect from each day. You will also find a complete list of confirmed sessions organized by type.

You can also find a list of all of the extra events here, including networking events, book signings, and more.

In-Person and Virtual Conference

April 23rd to 25th, 2024

Join us for a deep dive into the latest data science and AI trends, tools, and techniques, from LLMs to data analytics and from machine learning to responsible AI.


Day 0: Monday, April 22nd

Bootcamp, VIP

Day 0 of ODSC East 2024 will be virtual-only and will feature hands-on sessions in data science, essentials, and fundamentals for our AI Mini-Bootcamp and VIP pass holders.  

Day 1: Tuesday, April 23rd

Bootcamp, Platinum, Gold, VIP, 1-Day Business Pass, 3-Day Business Pass, Virtual Platinum, Virtual Premium

The first official day of ODSC East 2024 will be chock-full of hands-on training sessions and workshops from some of the leading experts in LLMs, Generative AI, Machine Learning, NLP, MLOps, and more. This day will have a strong focus on intermediate content, as well as several sessions appropriate for data practitioners at all levels. 

Day 1 will also feature 2 co-located summits. At the Ai X Generative AI Summit, you will come together with industry leaders and pioneers at the forefront of AI applications and innovation from across the country for panels and talks. You’ll explore the challenges and opportunities created by rapidly advancing fields like Generative AI and LLMs, and how they can be responsibly used to gain competitive advantage in your industry. 

At our first in-person Data Engineering Summit, you’ll hear from thought leaders and experts in this essential field as they tackle the most pressing issues and cutting edge technologies. 

Tuesday is also the first day of the AI Expo and Demo Hall, where you can connect with our conference partners and check out the latest developments and research from leading tech companies.


Day 2: Wednesday, April 24th

Bootcamp, Platinum, Gold, Silver, VIP, 3-Day Business Virtual Platinum, Virtual Premium

The second day of ODSC East 2024 will be the second and last day of the Data Engineering Summit. Attend the summit for talks and panels on data engineering, machine learning, monitoring and management, and much more. However, it will be the first day of ODSC Keynotes.

Day 2 will also be the first day of ODSC Keynotes, as well as more hands-on training sessions and workshops on Responsible AI, MLOps, Generative AI, and more. 

Day 3: Thursday, April 25th

Bootcamp, Platinum, Gold, Silver, VIP, 3-Day Business, Virtual Platinum, Virtual Premium

On the final day of ODSC East 2024, there will still be plenty of training sessions, workshops, and talks to attend. And be sure to make the most of this last chance to connect with experts and peers from around the country before you all return home.

What’s next?

We’ve got a lot planned for ODSC East. However, over 3 days you can easily check out everything you want to. See what’s trending in data science, take a deep dive into LLMs and Generative AI, upskill or start new skills, and connect with people from around the country. Register now while tickets are 30% off. Time is running out!

In-Person Data Engineering Conference

April 23rd to 24th, 2024 – Boston, MA

At our second annual Data Engineering Summit, Ai+ and ODSC are partnering to bring together the leading experts in data engineering and thousands of practitioners to explore different strategies for making data actionable.


ODSC East Confirmed Sessions

Pre-Bootcamp Warmup Sessions

  • Data Literacy Primer*
  • Data Wrangling with SQL*
  • Programming with Python*
  • Data Wrangling with Python*
  • Introduction to AI*
  • Introduction to Machine Learning*
  • Introduction to Large Language Models and Prompt Engineering*

*these sessions are also available on-demand

Bootcamp Sessions

  • Introduction to Math for Data Science
  • Introduction to Data Visualization and Business Dashboards with D3

All Level Workshops and Training Sessions:

  • End-to-End Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting and Analysis
  • Practical Challenges in LLM Evaluation
  • Harnessing GPT Assistants for Superior Model Ensembles: A Beginner’s Guide to AI Stacked Classifiers
  • An Introduction to Time Series Forecasting: A Tutorial
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch and TensorFlow 
  • Generative A.I. with Open-Source LLMs: From Training to Deployment with Hugging Face and PyTorch Lightning
  • Ben Needs a Friend – An intro to building Large Language Model applications
  • Visualization in Bayesian Workflow Using Python or R
  • Developing Credit Scoring Models for Banking and Beyond
  • Aligning Open-source LLMs Using Reinforcement Learning from Feedback
  • Introduction to scikit-learn: Machine Learning in Python
  • LLMs Meet Google Cloud: A New Frontier in Big Data Analytics
  • Generative AI, AI Agents, and AGI – How New Advancements in AI Will Improve the Products We Build

Keynotes and Talks:

  • Who Wants to Live Forever? Reliability Engineering and Mortality
  • Data Morph: A Cautionary Tale of Summary Statistics
  • Flyte: A Production-Ready Open Source AI Platform
  • How AI Impacts the Online Information Ecosystem
  • Resisting AI
  • Model Evaluation in LLM-enhanced Products
  • LangChain on Kubernetes: Cloud-Native LLM Deployment Made Easy & Efficient
  • Harnessing Machine Learning to Understand SARS-CoV-2 Variants and Hospitalization Risk
  • Training an OpenAI Quality Text Embedding Model from Scratch
  • Tracing In LLM Applications
  • What it Takes to Stabilize a GenAI-first, Modern Data Lake in a Big Company: Provision 20,000 Ephemeral Data Lakes Annually
  • Beyond Theory: Effective Strategies for Bringing Generative AI into Production
  • Moving Beyond Statistical Parrots – Large Language Models and their Tooling
  • Reasoning in Large Language Models
  • Data Automation with LLM
  • Generative AI for Social Good
  • CodeLlama: Open Foundation Models for Code
  • RAG, the bad parts (and the good!): building a deeper understanding of this hot LLM paradigm’s weaknesses, strengths, and limitations
  • Generative Modeling in Quantitative Finance
  • Prompt Engineering: From Few Shot to Chain of Thought
  • Harnessing Bayesian Statistics for Business-Centric Data Science
  • Trial, Error, Triumph: Lessons Learned using LLMs for Creating Machine Learning Training Data
  • Highly Scalable Inference Platform for Models of Any Size
  • Conversational Data Intelligence: Transforming Data Interaction and Analysis
  • Leveraging RAG and Multi-Agent LLM Systems for Automation of Knowledge Synthesis
  • Setting Up Text Processing Models for Success: Formal Representations versus Large Language Models 
  • Advancing Ethical Natural Language Processing: Towards Culture-Sensitive Language Models
  • Accelerating the LLM Lifecycle on the Cloud
  • Overcoming the Limitations of LLM Safety Parameters with Human Testing and Monitoring
  • AI Resilience: Upskilling in an AI Dominant Environment
  • End-to-End Speech Recognition: The Journey from Research to Production
  • Bringing Precision Medicine to the Field of Mental Healthcare through Large Language Models, AI, and Psychedelics
  • Optimizing Workplace with AI and Generative Bots
  • How to Preserve Exact Attribution through Inference in AI: Get the Correct Explanations and Preserve Privacy via Instance-Based Learning
  • Harmony in Complexity: Unveiling Mathematical Unity Across Logistic Regression, Artificial Neural Networks, and Computer Vision
  • Being, Training, and Employing Data Scientists: Wisdoms and Warnings from Harvard Data Science Review 
  • Fallacy of Scale
  • Abstracting ARM/x86 CPUs and NVIDIA/Neuron Hardware Accelerator Allocation for Containerized ML App
  • Applying Responsible Generative AI in Healthcare
  • How to Become a True Dataviz Pro
  • Practical Strategies for Data Storytelling
  • Vector Embeddings: The Emerging Language of AI
  • Social and Ethical Implications of Generative AI
  • Trust, Transparency & Secured Generative AI
  • Making AI recommendations Human-centric
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning in the Real World: From Chip Design to LLMs
  • LLM-native Products: Industry Best Practices and What’s Ahead
  • Designing AI Systems for Trust
  • How to Defend Against Weaponized Generative AI
  • Panel: Generative AI in Finance
  • Panel: Data Analytics in the Age of AI
  • AI and Society

Data Engineering Summit Talks and Tutorials

  • Designing ETL Pipelines with Delta Lake and Structured Streaming — How to Architect Things Right
  • Data Engineering in the Age of Data Regulations
  • The 12 Factor App for Data
  • Guardrails for Data Teams: Embracing a Platform Approach for Workflow Management
  • Data Pipeline Architecture – Stop Building Monoliths
  • Experimentation Platform at DoorDash
  • Is Gen AI A Data Engineering or Software Engineering Problem?
  • Dive into Data: The Future of the Single Source of Truth is an Open Data Lake
  • Tale of Apache Parquet reaching pinnacle of friendship with Data Engineers
  • Data Infrastructure through the Lens of Scale, Performance and Usability
  • From Research to the Enterprise: Leveraging Foundation Models for Enhanced ETL, Analytics, and Deployment
  • Building Data Contracts with Open Source Tools
  • Why the Hype Around dbt is Justified
  • Clean as You Go: Basic Hygiene in the Modern Data Stack
  • Unlocking the Unstructured with Generative AI: Trends, Models, and Future Directions.
  • Deciphering Data Architectures (choosing between a Modern Data Warehouse, Data Fabric, Data Lakehouse, and Data Mesh)
  • Data Engineering in the Era of Gen AI
  • The Value of A Semantic Layer for GenAI
  • Unlock Safety & Savings: Mastering a Secure, Cost-Effective Cloud Data Lake


ODSC gathers the attendees, presenters, and companies that are shaping the present and future of data science and AI. ODSC hosts one of the largest gatherings of professional data scientists with major conferences in USA, Europe, and Asia.