Announcing the ODSC Europe 2021 Keynotes Announcing the ODSC Europe 2021 Keynotes
We’re happy to announce the ODSC Europe 2021 Keynotes – leaders in applied AI from Europe who will kick off the... Announcing the ODSC Europe 2021 Keynotes

We’re happy to announce the ODSC Europe 2021 Keynotes – leaders in applied AI from Europe who will kick off the already expert lineup set to speak at the community-based event for data science practitioners and AI engineers.

These academics, innovators, and thought leaders are leading the charge in the development and proliferation of AI across the industry, and they’re all individuals worth knowing about so you can follow their research, learn about their companies’ latest developments, and see where AI is heading.

ODSC Europe 2021 Keynotes:

Dr. John D. Kelleher: Author of Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics and Professor | Dublin Institute of Technology

As an Academic Leader, John champions the ICE Research Institute and its research activities, providing leadership to ensure it grows research outputs, (including peer publications, commercialization, and HPSUs, policy interventions, etc.) capacity, capability, and profile in its cognate research areas. His task is to provide strategic and academic direction to the Research Institute.


Nuria Oliver, PhD: Director of Research, Chief Scientific Advisor, IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, EurAI Fellow | ELLIS Alicante Foundation, Data-Pop Alliance, Vodafone

Nuria Oliver is a computer scientist. She holds a Ph.D. from the Media Lab at MIT. She is the first female computer scientist in Spain to be named an ACM Distinguished Scientist and an ACM Fellow. She is also a Fellow of the European Association of Artificial Intelligence and an IEEE Fellow. She is a member of the Academia Europaea and the fourth and youngest female member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering.

John Montgomery: Corporate Vice President, Program Management, AI Platform | Microsoft

At Microsoft, John leads program management, research, and design teams for Developer Tools to deliver on the $1.5B Microsoft developer tools business, which includes Azure tooling and other popular AI products.




Track Keynotes:

ODSC Europe 2021 KeynotesSandra Wachter, PhD: Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Law And Ethics Of AI | Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Professor Sandra Wachter is an Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow focusing on the law and ethics of AI, Big Data, and robotics as well as Internet regulation. Her current research focuses on the legal and ethical implications of AI, Big Data, and robotics as well as profiling, inferential analytics, explainable AI, algorithmic bias, diversity, and fairness, governmental surveillance, predictive policing, and human rights online.

ODSC Europe 2021 KeynotesDr. Fabian Theis: Head Of The Institute Of Computational Biology, Professor | Helmholtz Munich, Technical University of Munich

Fabian Theis is director of the Institute of Computational Biology at the Helmholtz Center Munich and scientific director of the Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit (HelmholtzAI) which was launched in 2019. He is a full professor at the Technical University of Munich, holding the chair ‘Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems’, associate faculty at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as well as adjunct faculty at the Northwestern University.

ODSC Europe 2021 Keynotes arielAriel Biller, PhD: Evangelist | ClearML 

Researcher first, developer second. Over the last 5 years, Ariel has worked on various projects; from the realms of quantum chemistry, massively-parallel supercomputing to deep-learning computer vision. With AllegroAi, he helped build an open-source R&D platform (Allegro Trains), and later went on to lead a data-first transition for a revolutionary nanochemistry startup (StoreDot). Answering his calling to spread the word, he recently took up the mantle of Evangelist at ClearML.


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