Announcing Two New Tracks for ODSC West 2024 & Updates to Others Announcing Two New Tracks for ODSC West 2024 & Updates to Others
We couldn’t be more excited to announce two new tracks and updates to some of our most popular tracks for ODSC... Announcing Two New Tracks for ODSC West 2024 & Updates to Others

We couldn’t be more excited to announce two new tracks and updates to some of our most popular tracks for ODSC West 2024 this October 29th-31st. The fields of AI and data science are changing rapidly and ODSC West 2024 is evolving to ensure we keep you at the forefront of the industry with our all-new tracks, AI Agents, What’s Next in AI, and AI in Robotics, and our updated tracks NLP, NLU, and NLG, and Multimodal and Deep Learning, and LLMs and RAG. Here’s a bit more on what you can expect from these tracks.

AI Agents

AI agents are revolutionizing technology by leveraging advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to perform complex tasks autonomously, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Gain comprehensive insights into the latest advancements in autonomous AI technologies, learn about the architecture and deployment of AI agents, explore real-world applications, and understand how these agents can drive efficiency and innovation in various sectors. 

You’ll examine practical implementation strategies, best practices for integrating AI agents into existing systems, and emerging trends in the field. Participants will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools to leverage AI agents to solve complex problems.

Topics you will learn:

Talks and Hands-on Training Autonomous Systems
AI Agent Frameworks Chain-of-Reasoning (CoR)
Evaluating and Monitoring Performance Chain-of-Thought (CoT)
Training AI Agents LlamaIndex for AI Agents
Building AI Agents LangChain for AI Agents
LLM and Agent Chaining Real-world applications
LLMs & RAG for Agents Emerging Trends in AI Agents
AI Agent Architectures Integration Strategies

What’s Next in AI

Join the leading experts to discuss which AI tools, techniques, and frameworks will dominate the AI landscape in the near future. Will it continue to be LLMs and generative AI or will it be something completely new? 

AI in Robotics

Discover the forefront of AI and robotics, from foundation models to real-world applications. Learn from leading experts, explore cutting-edge techniques, and gain insights into the future of this transformative technology. 

Topics you will learn:

Robotics Foundation Models Robotics Datasets
Reinforcement Learning Field Foundation Model
Robotics and Machine Learning Integration Autonomous Agents


NLP, NLU (Natural Language Understanding), and NLG (Natural Language Generation) are advancing rapidly. Dive deep into the latest insights, trends, and discoveries in NLP, NLU, and NLG with the best and brightest minds in the field. Connect with innovators, explore cutting-edge techniques like pre-trained models, and discover new applications in deep learning, speech-to-text, and semantic search.

Topics you will learn:

NLP Sentiment Analysis, Dialog Systems, Semantic Search, etc.
NLU  Pre-trained Models
NLG  Training and Fine-tuning Large Language Models
Build Conversational AI Retrieval-Augmented Generation
Multilingual NLP Prompt Engineering & Prompt Tuning
Applications of NLP Evaluation LLMS
Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) Tools such as LlamaIndex, LangChain, Mistral, Llama 3
Small Language Models Building Generative AI Applications based on LLM

Multimodal and Deep Learning

Deep Learning & Multimodal models are pushing the boundaries of AI by combining diverse data sources like text, images, and audio. Dive into the latest advancements in this cutting-edge field, from foundation models to innovative applications. Learn how to build models that understand and generate content across multiple modalities, opening up new possibilities in areas like computer vision, NLP, and robotics. Explore real-world examples and best practices and gain a deeper understanding of the architectures and techniques that are shaping the future of AI.

Topics you will learn:

Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch and TensorFlow Self-Supervised Learning in Vision
Multimodal Models Deep Generative Models
Adversarial Attacks Applications of Multimodal Models
Latent Diffusion Models

LLMs and RAG

One of our most popular tracks is getting an upgrade! This new and improved track will cover the latest topics, tools, and advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs), Small Language Models (SLMs), and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) delving into the transformative power of LLMs and combining LLMs or SML with real-time data retrieval, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated responses. Engage in our hands-on workshops on the latest LLMs, SML, and RAG techniques and their applications, from chatbots to research tools. 

Topics you will learn:

Large Language Models (LLMs) Question Answering
Small Language Models (SMLs) LangChain
Building Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) LLMs for Summarization
Prompt Engineering Hallucinations, Bias, Ethics & Safety
Open-Source LLM Toolkits What’s Next for LLMs & RAG
Fine-Tuning Techniques Human Feedback and Interaction
Deploying LLMs in Production Vector Embeddings for RAG
Model Observability and Evaluation Model Efficiency & Interpretability
LLM Guardrails Open AI’s GPT-4o, & API
LaMDA libraries LLamaIndex
Metadata Filtering and Re-Ranking Hugging Face Transformers
Cross-Modal & Multi-Modal Retrieval Mixtral 8x7B, 8x22B
Context Length Improvements Meta’s LlaMa 3

How can I sign up?

Propel yourself to the cutting-edge of the AI industry with these new and updated tracks at ODSC West this October 29-31. Be sure to act fast, prices go up soon!



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