Artificial Intelligence May Revolutionize Online Dating According to AOL Chat Pioneer Artificial Intelligence May Revolutionize Online Dating According to AOL Chat Pioneer
AI has come to optimize many facets of people’s lives, but what about love? Well, according to Lior Baruch, the co-founder,... Artificial Intelligence May Revolutionize Online Dating According to AOL Chat Pioneer

AI has come to optimize many facets of people’s lives, but what about love? Well, according to Lior Baruch, the co-founder, and CEO of AlgoAI Tech, AI can help provide a more personalized and efficient experience when it comes to online dating.

While speaking with Fox News Digital, Baruch made some interesting claims about online dating and how AI can change the landscape.  First, Baruch compared the days of website dating and the current app formula. “Maybe it was a website in the past, now it’s an app, but it’s kind of the same,“.

He goes on to lament this form of online dating. “You go into a website to type few details about yourself, they ask you a few questions, you answer them. You get either one, two, three options, or you see tons of options in front of you that you just choose from, like it’s kind of a meat market. If you’re lucky, you’re out of there within a month, two or three months. If you’re not, people can stay there for years and I’m not exaggerating.“.

For those who don’t know. Lior Baruch has worked in tech for over 30 years. During that time, he broke ground with AOL’s famous messaging service. But more recently, he had turned his attention to artificial intelligence. In his view, AI has great potential to assist people by utilizing AI’s ability to find patterns. In short, an AI match-making program.

One that could, in turn, reduce the time it takes to find a partner who best matches the user. Lior Baruch then spoke about dating apps. “If you go through most of the dating apps today after 15 seconds, 20 seconds, you will get a pop-up saying subscribe monthly, three months, six months, one year subscription … And I can’t understand it,…Why should someone going to a dating platform subscribe for six months or a year?“.

According to Baruch. He and his colleagues, harnessing the power of machine learning, wanted to improve modern dating. So as with any model, they began by collecting data they needed. This was done by surveying thousands of people. In the surveys, they asked participates about  their experiences with dating.

What they found, wasn’t all that shocking. Most were quite unhappy, if not, frustrated by dating apps, but felt compelled to use them due to current trends.  Baruch spoke about the results, “We went deeper,…We took about 1,500 different research [criterion] and we aggregated them with the millions of people that we asked to understand what’s really working, what’s a good relationship [and] what can we do in order to really find a match.“.

He went on to explain that AlgoAI Tech was able to drive down into the data and find twenty predictors of what a successful online dating experience would look like. “By asking questions, not once again just about what your hobbies are or your favorite color, but getting deeper into you and asking questions that,“.

Baruch continued, “sometimes you have no idea what we’re really asking,…We are asking you a question, but we really are asking you something else and we want you to know that we ask you things in order to know you better. Once we have all of that … only then we suggest a potential match.”.

With the help of the app’s AI, Lora, the user gets an adapted user experience that is based on their personality and preferences. But that’s not all. Lora also looks into deep psychological and behavioral analysis. Think a mix of dating couch and AI shrink. “AI eventually is kind of something between a friend and an expert, because it has so much data from the books, from the research that we did and from the people that use the platform,“.

Lior Baruch would go on to continue to explain Lora in greater detail. And as you’d expect, it learns and adapts based on user feedback. Using machine learning, the goal according to Baruch is to help users find a great match. Of course, data privacy and safety comes to mind.

On that topic, the AlgoAI Tech CEO stressed that not of the information will be attached to indivual names, and he went on to emphasize that users have the choice on how much they share. He said in part, “You know exactly what’s going out, what stays between us and the reason we ask you anything is to know you better. If you don’t want to share anything, don’t share anything“.

It should be interesting to see where AI match making heads to in the near future. If you’re interested on how generative AI is reshaping the world, then you won’t want to miss the Gen AI Summit, on July 20th. Get your free pass today, and go beyond the hype.



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