Artificial Intelligence Ready Parts of Your Business Artificial Intelligence Ready Parts of Your Business
As we move into the digital age further it becomes practical to look for where in our business, we can apply... Artificial Intelligence Ready Parts of Your Business

As we move into the digital age further it becomes practical to look for where in our business, we can apply digital solutions to improve. Artificial intelligence will never and should never fully replace human employees, but it can be a valuable tool to improve your productivity.  Here are a few areas of your business where you could already apply artificial intelligence solutions.

Marketing Strategy

Through analysis of data collected through discussions with existing customers, you can identify your target market.  AI works at an increased pace and can parse more data which gives you far more targeted and personalized data you can use in your marketing strategies.   However, it is vital that you still oversee these with a human eye and offer transparency to your customers about any data you collect and analyze.

Cyber Security

With increased technical capabilities we see the ways people try to breach your security becoming smarter and more creative.  It can feel almost impossible to keep up with all the changes.  AI can be used to create warning systems to help you keep people out and filter out spam and malware before it reaches any employee so reducing the chance of human error.  You can even set up reminders to make sure that your employees change their passwords frequently and keep all anti-virus software up to date.

Human Resources

Recruitment takes a large amount of time, and most people don’t have time to review all applications with the focus they deserve.  AI can help by screening resumes in order to reduce the overall amount a human has to look at by filtering based on keywords.  You need to make sure you don’t accidentally bake biases into these algorithms when you create them but overall, they should help you get better-quality resumes to review.  You can also use AI to contact applicants and schedule interviews early on before a more personal touch is appropriate.  This can help prevent situations where people have conversations back and forth trying to find a spot available for an interview that suits them by offering access to the actual interview calendar in a restricted format.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is full of potential areas for improvement that we tend to overlook simply as we cannot see the bigger picture.  AI can provide analysis to show you areas where you can streamline the process including the use of drones and driverless warehouse carts to get materials.  The most beneficial use of this software is allowing you to include anomaly-detection software that will help you reduce the number of faulty products that leave the warehouse.  This may become more automated as the years go on but will never fully replace humans who will be needed for oversights and to double-check everything is running correctly.

Customer Support and Relations

The big areas where you can get benefits from using artificial intelligence are customer support and customer relations. Again, you cannot fully replace the human touch here, however, you can streamline the process and make it so customers don’t feel like they aren’t being listened to.  Chatbots are good for answering some basic questions, but AI can also connect to a ticket creation system that allows customers to quickly raise tickets with their issues and put them in the backlog.   They can then email the customer to let them know their issue has been raised and an estimate of when they should expect a response.   Some AI can also analyze the tone of voice to help businesses allocate the urgency of a response.  It also allows you to more accurately respond to customers by taking this tone into account when drafting your response.  Overall, this can help you build engagement and trust with your customers.

While a few years ago artificial intelligence felt like part of a science fiction story it is now a possible solution to some of your business needs.  There are already some parts of your business where you can apply these solutions, mainly centered around data analysis, streamlining of processes, and customer engagement.  Though AI cannot and should not replace the human touch, it can save you some time and ensure your employees are focused on the areas that provide the best value. 

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