Baseet.ai: the Drag-and-Drop, Low-Code Platform Poised to Disrupt AI Baseet.ai: the Drag-and-Drop, Low-Code Platform Poised to Disrupt AI
Building AI-powered applications is a complex and difficult process wrought with unforeseen costs and setbacks. But what if any business could... Baseet.ai: the Drag-and-Drop, Low-Code Platform Poised to Disrupt AI

Building AI-powered applications is a complex and difficult process wrought with unforeseen costs and setbacks. But what if any business could build a sophisticated and functional AI-powered application as quickly and easily as they could launch a new webpage on Wix or Squarespace? This would be a game-changer in the world of AI, and it’s exactly what Baseet.ai, a low-code platform, is poised to do. 

Challenges Facing AI App Developers

Building AI apps that actually work currently requires the joint capabilities of an elite few highly-skilled data scientists, engineers, and specialists who remain in high demand. The best of the best in the AI and machine learning space are often courted and hired by large companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft with plenty of resources and cash on hand – leaving a brain-drained labor force for up-and-comers in the tech space. 

Due to the investment and expertise required, even assembling the team of experts necessary to build an effective AI application using traditional code is often not possible for most businesses. Among companies in the position to hire the data scientists, engineers, and specialists who have a deep knowledge of today’s AI solutions and the skills to work within current technological limitations, building a quick prototype or an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is still not guaranteed. Under the status quo, AI app development requires a big, upfront investment in addition to a dedicated team. According to Azati Software, “Average MVP costs vary between $35,000-$100,000, depending on the project size and complexity,” for an AI app – and there is no assurance the company will be able to actually develop a product that is commercially competitive. 

Recognizing these challenges and believing that AI can exponentially accelerate and advance humanity, we decided to start Baseet.ai to simplify the process of building AI-powered applications and unleash the power of this technology that is being held behind the castle walls of FAMGA. 

Baseet Simplifies AI, Opening Access to Powerful Tech


Baseet is a cloud-based, AI development platform for makers that brings the ease of a drag-and-drop visual interface to the complex project of app building. We’re putting AI into the hands of the masses by eliminating the need to hire – or become – a skilled coder. 

In today’s marketplace, AI and machine learning solutions are finding an increasingly diverse array of applications. Forward-thinkers are finding new ways to improve our healthcare, environmental protection, and social infrastructure with these powerful technologies every day, but as it currently exists, AI is heavily dependent on code. Without a knowledge of Python, R, or other complex programming languages, developing AI-powered applications is simply impossible. This technical limitation means that the best apps are not necessarily being developed by the people with the best ideas, but rather the people with the most money. 

Using Baseet, you can build and program an AI-powered application by dragging puzzle-like configurable components, datasets, and pre-trained models, fitting them together visually rather than weaving them into the complex syntax of written code. New components can be created using Baseet or imported from GitHub. Once the builder assembles the puzzle properly, his or her application will work – and if it doesn’t, the application can be shared with Baseet’s internal team or the larger community for brainstorming, testing, or troubleshooting. Baseet gives any user the ability to push their model or applications to the community and get immediate feedback on whether their app is ready for production or not. This provides up-and-coming developers with the feedback and flexibility they need to develop functional solutions to problems arising in markets that are constantly changing.

At Baseet, our goal is to simplify the process of building AI-powered apps so that everyone, even non-technical experts, can build and prototype an app without having to be a trained data scientist. Beyond improving access and ease of use, however, the core value of Baseet.ai is to aggregate the skills of the data science community and enable them to publish, share and monetize their existing AI-powered apps or trained models with the rest of the community to learn from and build on.

AI Solutions for a Changing Market

Baseet was founded by people who are committed to seeing AI be applied in ways that make our world a better place. The bounds of potential here are drawn only by imagination. That’s why we’ve developed a functional solution for expanding access to this groundbreaking technology and launching it into a market that is always looking over the horizon for something new. 

Baseet.ai streamlines the process of developing a new AI product from concept to launch. The platform provides a visual interface for building AI apps that reduces complexity, increases efficiency, and expands access to this powerful technology. This functionality is a reflection of our own closely-held belief that anyone and everyone should have access to the power of AI.

Our vision is to lower the time and cost of building an AI app by a magnitude of 100 or more – and we’re well on our way. We know our low-code platform is poised to disrupt AI app development because we built it around a community. Thanks to the community contribution of apps and components that have gone into building Baseet, it’s poised to break through the floodgates holding back the incredible potential of machine learning technologies. Join our beta list to get early access

www.Baseet.ai is a drag-and-drop, low-code AI development platform and a marketplace to empower businesses to add AI capabilities to their applications, fast – no coding, data science skills required. It’s like “WIX for AI apps.”. And because it’s a marketplace, data scientists can buy, sell, or share their AI models. Join our beta to give it a spin.

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