Better Understand the Economy with ODSC Europe’s ML for Finance Track Better Understand the Economy with ODSC Europe’s ML for Finance Track
Many industries have benefited greatly from the implication of machine learning in their workflows. But it seems that the world of... Better Understand the Economy with ODSC Europe’s ML for Finance Track

Many industries have benefited greatly from the implication of machine learning in their workflows. But it seems that the world of finance and investing has taken machine learning by the horns and applied them to a multitude of aspects in its industry. So if you’re interested in both finance and how machine learning is optimizing the industry, then these are some machine learning for finance talks at ODSC Europe that you won’t want to miss.

Probabilistic Machine Learning for Finance and Investing

Attendees will be introduced to the significance of probabilistic machine learning as the next frontier in AI for finance and investing. The talk will cover several key learning outcomes, including the limitations of standard ML systems in finance, the importance of quantifying uncertainty in model inputs and outputs, flaws in conventional statistics for uncertainty quantification, and an overview of the probabilistic ML framework.  

AI-Powered Algorithmic Trading with Python

This will be an insightful and valuable half-day trading session. Participants will gain essential Python skills and knowledge to effectively utilize AI and Machine Learning in Algorithmic Trading. The training will also focus on practical applications, demonstrating the use of the Oanda trading API (through a demo account) for data retrieval, data streaming, order placement, and more. There will also be a chance to learn how to formulate and backtest an ML-based trading strategy. 

Fast Option Pricing Using Deep Learning Methods

In this talk, attendees will get to see the application of deep learning techniques in finance, specifically in the context of pricing options. As you might know, traditional pricing methods in finance rely on computationally intensive numerical approaches such as PDE solvers and Monte Carlo simulations. Here you’ll see the approach of using deep neural networks to build efficient option pricers while also enjoying the use of interactive tools. 

Iterated and Exponentially Weighted Moving Principal Component Analysis

For this talk, participants will learn about Principal Component Analysis (PCA). This is a widely used statistical and unsupervised machine-learning technique in finance. But applying this technique in finance is ripe with issues and takes expertise to ensure the model is correctly operating. To contend with this, the speakers are proposing two novel variants of PCA: Iterated Principal Component Analysis (IPCA) and Exponentially Weighted Moving Principal Component Analysis (EWMPCA). 

Equipping your Analytics Professions with the Most Critical Business Skills

There are certain business skills that can’t be ignored and must be properly trained if any analytics professional wants to get their career on the proper track. In this talk, you’ll learn which business skills are most needed by analytics professionals, illustrate why each is so critical, and help analytics leaders to foster these skills within their teams. This is a perfect session no matter your career stage as it will touch on fresh college grads entering the field to more seasoned professionals and what they need to know to take their careers to the next level. 

Macroeconomic Predictions – a Machine Learning Approach

Economic predictions are critical for any business and entire injuries as they help determine when to spend, cut back, and shore up for downturns. In this talk, you’ll learn about the use of ML and alternative data for inflation forecasting while learning the process of building ML models for inflation prediction, highlighting the advantages over traditional econometric models. Additionally, the talk will touch on the challenges involved in practically implementing this approach. By harnessing ML&AI and alternative data, economic forecasting can take a significant step forward in accuracy and insight.

ML Applications in Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management

Have you ever wondered if you could harness the power of machine learning to supercharge your portfolio management? Then this is the perfect talk for you. Here you’ll learn about the machine learning challenges, and how it has introduced innovative methods to enhance the robustness and transparency of asset allocation. Finally, this talk will review recent developments and contextualizes them within the current market challenges, offering attendees valuable insights into rule-based dynamic portfolio allocation strategies.

Zero Trust for Integrated Data Science 

As AI and machine learning continue to scale in finance, protecting data and ensuring proper security protocols are followed are important. In this talk, you’ll learn about Zero Trust. A strategic approach to security by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of digital interaction. Discover which problems in data science it solves, and how you could implement this into DataOps and MLOps processes while seeing use cases in projects ranging in cyber security, banking, and retail.


Not bad right? These are some fantastic talks and sessions that touch on every aspect of finance that one could imagine. But do you have a pass yet? Well don’t worry, we have you covered. Get your ODSC Europe Pass today, and supercharge your finance skills with the help of machine learning!



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